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Playlist: Freeform (Live Remote 1)

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:01 am
Arthur Brown Fire Crazy World of Arthur Brown Track Record 1968
3:04 am
Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with Butterfly Wings Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Virgin 1995
3:08 am
The Muggs (local) Bite of The Weredog Bite of The Weredog
3:12 am
masked boy Gritt Used Acid 229
3:15 am
Salty Holmes The Ghost Song Graveyard Classics
3:18 am
The Sonics The Witch Here Are the Sonics! Etiquette Records 1965
3:20 am
The Upperclassmen Cha Cha with The Zombies
3:24 am
Screaming Lord Sutch Jack The Ripper Till The Following Night
3:28 am
Baron Daemon & The Vampires Ghost Guitars
3:29 am
Roy Fox This House is Haunted
3:32 am
Heaven's Magic Watch Out For 666
3:35 am
Bobby Soxx Scavenger of Death
3:39 am
Move Casa Domani Killed By Death Rock Vol. 1
3:53 am
Hooded Menace Elysium of Dripping Death Darkness Drips Forth Relapse 2015
3:53 am
Candlemass Demons Gate Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Peaceville 2010
4:04 am
SQURL Spooky Action at A Distance Only Lovers Left Alive OST Sacred Bones 2021
4:06 am
Medusa Unknown Fear First Step Beyond Numero
4:12 am
Dead Boys Son of Sam We Have Come for Your Children Sire 1978
4:17 am
Skatune Network Beetlejuice Skalloween
4:20 am
Brian David Gilbert Lay All Your Blood on Me
4:25 am
Skatune Network Monster Mash Skalloween
4:44 am
Ray Stevens Sittin' Up With The Dead Box Set
4:50 am
Scottie Stuart Nightmare Beats From Badsville Vol. 1
4:51 am
Bob Luman The Creep Beats From Badsville Vol 1
4:52 am
The Symbols Do the Zombie Beats from Badsville Vol. 2 Stag-O-Lee
4:56 am
Screamin' Jay Hawkins I Put a Spell on You Beats from Badsville Vol. 3 Stag-O-Lee
5:00 am
Lord Luther & the King's Men (I Was a) Teenage Creature Beats from Badsville Vol. 3 Stag-O-Lee
5:00 am
The Cramps Human Fly Bad Music for Bad People I.R.S. 1980
5:03 am
Dead Moon Dead Moon Night Unknown Passage Tombstone Records 1989
5:07 am
The Mummies Jezebel Never Been Caught Telstar 1992
5:10 am
The EEKS (local) This Evil The Lady Kill Award EP
5:12 am
Misfits Halloween Legacy of Brutality Caroline
5:14 am
Misfits Horror Business Box Set
5:16 am
Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature Rocky Horror Picture Show OST
5:22 am
The Shaggs It's Halloween Philosophy of the World Red Rooster 1988
5:23 am
Avery Tare's Slasher Flicks Roses on The Window Enter the Slasher House Domino 2014
5:37 am
Fantomas Rosemary's Baby The Director's Cut Ipecac
5:40 am
Lucifer's Friend Lucifer's Friend S/T
5:47 am
Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead Crackle Beggar's Banquet 1998
5:56 am
Clipping. Nothing Is Safe There Existed An Addiction to Blood Sub Pop 2019