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Playlist: Freeform (Live Remote 1)

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Show Notes:

Feeling heavy in more ways than one.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:03 am
GWAR Fuck This Place Scumdogs of The Universe Metal Blade Records 1990
3:07 am
Child Bite (local) Beyond the Dirt Negative Noise Housecore Records 2016
3:16 am
Child Bite (local) Grotesque Holiday The Living Breathing Organ Summer Joyful Noise 2010
3:21 am
Church Whip Ruin The Vision II Psychedelic Nightmare
3:23 am
Dead Cross Gag Reflex S/T
3:27 am
Full of Hell Affirmation of Nothing Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home A389 Recordings
3:32 am
Refused New Noise The Shape of Punk to Come Burning Hearts 1998
3:37 am
The B-Sides I Wanna Be Old School S/T Maximum Rock'n'Roll
3:40 am
Bum Kon Regean Sucks S/T
3:41 am
Zebras Baalbek The City of Sun Secret Records 2015
3:45 am
The Stooges 1969 The Stooges Elektra 1969
3:49 am
The Stooges T.V. Eye Fun House Elektra 1970
3:53 am
Half Ton Destrier (local) Darth Bader/Bader's Descent The Royal Arsenal
3:57 am
Eyehategod Agitation! Propaganda! S/T
3:59 am
Eyehategod My Name is God (I Hate You) Dopesick Century 1996
4:04 am
Gojira Global Warming From Mar to Sirius
4:13 am
KARP Bacon Industry Self Titled LP K Records
4:15 am
The Whip Day to Day Database S/T
4:31 am
Oozing Wound Weather Tamer Whatever Forever Thrill Jockey 2016
4:40 am
Bongzilla Stone a Pig Gateway Relapse 2002
4:49 am
The Body To Attempt Openness Christs, Redeemers Thrill Jockey 2013
4:56 am
Electric Wizard Weird Tales: i Electric Frost ii Golgotha iii Alter Of Melektaus Dopethrone Rise Above 2000
5:12 am
Thou Another World Is Inevitable Summit Gilead 2010
5:20 am
Napalm Death Siege of Power Scum Earache Records 1987
5:32 am
Jucifer She Tides Run Deep If Thine Enemy Hunger
5:39 am
I Hate You. Fighting Words Demo 1995 1995
5:43 am
Maxillofacial Death Pyramid We Are the Wealth Creators/ La Movida Demo 2012
5:45 am
Minus 9 (local) Wake Up and Smell The Blood Non-Ignorable Kill Flying Blood 2007
5:47 am
Heavy Medical No Brainer Threats EP
5:49 am
Touch of North America (local) Dems we don't have to call it anything
5:51 am
vomitface Sloppy Joes S/T
5:56 am
Lighting Bolt Bizarro Zarro Land Hypermagic Mountain Load 2005