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Playlist: Freeform (Live Remote 1)

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Show Notes:

Keeping it in the neighborhood tonight. Plus, another installment of Conversations with a Curmudgeon featuring Jeff Fournier.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:15 am
Beast in the Field (local) The Sacred Above, The Sacred Below The Sacred Above, The Sacred Below Saw Her Ghost Records 2013
3:16 am
Wizard Union (local) Aura of Evil Smokin Coffins
3:24 am
Lord Centipede (local) Enter the Centipede Centipede up Your Ass! Arbco
3:24 am
Amateur Anthropologist (local) PUNK as FUCK Furnace Sessions
3:28 am
Touch of North America (local) Lodi Big Four Tour Tape
3:31 am
Gardens (local) Coming Around The Bend Beehive Recording Session
3:35 am
Johnny Ill Band (local) Ella Says Shiftless Decay X! Records
3:38 am
Lizzerd (local) Crumble and Fall No Matter What You Have Done Self Released 2014
3:41 am
The Idiot Kids Ghost S/T
3:47 am
Electric Six (local) Gay Bar Fire Xl 2003
3:50 am
The Amino Acids (local) The Satanic Rites of Connie Dobbs Theme from the Slack Hole 7" Bellyache Records 2013
3:53 am
Scissor Now! (local) Make Babies Or Die Trying Not Now but Right Now! Arbco 2014
3:56 am
Scissor Now! (local) Days Dan Confused Oh, God It's... (new)
3:58 am
Minus 9 (local) Choose Death Choose Death EP
4:07 am
Fuckin' A (local) Sick of You For All Intents and Purposes Arbco 2012
4:09 am
The Ashleys (local) Joanna Can't Take It
4:15 am
Nothing (local) Bent Nail Guilty of Everything Relapse 2014
4:16 am
Kleaner (local) Harvest Devil's Mark (new)
4:19 am
Fontana (local) Gotta Split Shiftless Decay X! Records
4:21 am
Whirlwind Heat (local) Green Do Rabbits Wonder? Third Man 2003
4:25 am
The Armed (local) Faith in Medicine Ultrapop
4:39 am
King Under the Mountain (local) Dungeon Blaster Demo Self Released
4:44 am
The Counter Elites (local) New Majority The Pledge of Aggrievence
4:48 am
The Eeks Crazy The Lady Kill Award EP
4:52 am
Closed Circuit Cassettes (local) Burnt Plastic Man It's Gary Shandling's Demo
4:57 am
Death (local) Where Do We Go from Here??? ...for the Whole World to See Bmi 1975
5:00 am
The Gories Chick-Inn I Know You're Fine, But How You Doin'?
5:02 am
Heroes & Villains (local) Solar System / *H.F.P. Heroes & Villians II Lo & Behold Records 2015
5:11 am
Heroes & Villains (local) Kick the Good Stuff Play Themes from the Dark Pink Circus X! Records
5:12 am
Heroes & Villains (local) Strawman Play Themes from the Dark Pink Circus X! Records
5:17 am
Timmy's Organism Ugly Dream Rise of The Green Gorilla Sacred Bones
5:57 am
Conversations with a Curmudgeon Jeff Fournier
5:57 am
Wiccans (local) Queen of the Smoke Bad Habit Outer Limits Lounge Records 2017