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Playlist: Suaed-Oh-Musik!

with DJ free jazz on Thursday, October 28, 2021

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:02 pm
Lamp Of Murmuur A Burning Spear To The Heart Of Dawn (part I) The Burning Spears Of Crimson Agony (Demo) N/A 2020
12:11 pm
Eave (local) Funereal Burn Phantoms Made Permanant Bindrune Recordings 2020
12:20 pm
Ardente II - Mortebrumes Promo Oct. 1412 (Instrumental) (new) N/A 2021
12:22 pm
Ardente Sous les Fleches deferlantes Derriere les Remparts (demo) N/A 2020
12:31 pm
Ardente La Flamme Ardente d'un Amour Éternel (new) 2021
12:41 pm
Trhä endlhëtonëg endlhëtonëg (new) 2021
1:13 pm
The Lost Servant Lost In A Labyrinthic Cave Groping In The Dark You Found Some Moss (new) Katakombz Bazaar 2021
1:16 pm
Bloody Keep Cup Of Blood In The Top Of The Tower Cup Of Blood In The Top Of The Tower Grime Stone Records 2021
1:22 pm
Bloody Keep The Moon In The Sky That Gives Me Life Cup of Blood in the Top of the Tower Grime Stone Records 2021
1:22 pm
Alloxylon Seeking Guidance From What Is Hidden Flammeum II (new) 2021
1:28 pm
Tagefolket Lad asketid begynde del 1 Lad asketid begynde 2004
1:36 pm
Wallachian Cobwebs The Electrical Secrets of Heaven Night Sobbed a Potion Diseased (new) Dungeons Deep Records 2021
1:37 pm
Wampyric Rites The Blood Of The Ancient Dragon The Misanthropic Songs of An Unholy Spirit (new) 2021
1:42 pm
Äkth Gánahëth The Eternal Current Grógaldr/Äkth Gánahëth (new) 2021
1:49 pm
ERESHKIGAL Intro - Black Gof Of The Forest "Shadow's Land" 2006
1:53 pm
Sálarkvöl Tunglmyrkvi Harmljóð 2020
1:57 pm
Gelure The Maiden Under The Twilight Moon The Candelight Tomes (new) 2021