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Playlist: Music is my Girlfriend (In Person C)

with Maggie on Thursday, September 30, 2021

Show Notes:

music is my gamer girlfriend

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:07 pm
Hideki Naganuma The Concept of Love Jet Set Radio Future Ost Alion 2002
2:10 pm
Team Ladybug Stage 1 Theme Touhou Luna Nights
2:13 pm
Slime Girls It Means Everything/By Your Side. OMORI Ost
2:20 pm
Shoji Meguro Tokyo Emergency Persona 5 Ost Atlus 2017
2:22 pm
Harumi Fujita Title Mega Man 3 OST
2:26 pm
David Wise Forest Interlude Donkey Kong Country 2
2:32 pm
Clark Aboud The Awakened One Slay the Spire OST
2:34 pm
Yoko Shimomura Out Of Phase Parasite Eve OST
2:38 pm
C418 Cat Minecraft Vol. 1
2:41 pm
Yasunori Mitsuda Secret of the Forest Chrono Trigger OST
2:46 pm
Keiichi Otabe City Ruins (Rays of Light) NieR:Automata OST
2:52 pm
Shoji Meguro Thus Spoke Brooks Catherine OST
2:53 pm
Akemi Kimura Justice for All Ace Attorney OST
2:55 pm
Yoshihito Yano Lonely Rolling Star Katamari Damacy