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Playlist: Whenever radio [u]

with Reverend Andrew on Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Show Notes:

today's show was recorded June 5th on an island in the North Channel (46.09N -81.78W).
Puzzled about the album title for the second track.
The title of the song "титаник" is the same as the single title but the readback system kept autocorrecting it to "mumahuk"

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:01 am
Queen Kong if/then if/then 2021
6:05 am
Nomo титаник same as song title but autocorrect won't allow me to type it in
6:09 am
Nomo (local) Rocket #9 12" Ubiquity 2006
6:15 am
Nomo (local) Brainwave Ghost Rock Ubiquity 2008
6:21 am
brownout nain berlin sessions 2020
6:23 am
New york gypsy all stars Happy Feet Dromomania Sony 2017
6:27 am
jungle fire smash and grab jungle fire 2020
6:31 am
the bad examples jungle electronique human hell 2007
6:35 am
triceratops funky talk a film about the blues 2016
6:39 am
lime spiders weirdo libido nine miles high 1983-1990 2002
6:42 am
ralph covert & the bad examples church of rock & roll guitar church of rock & roll guitar 2021
6:46 am
love battery cool school (trane of thought) dayglo 1992
6:50 am
tijuana sweetheart seven (2022) seven (2022) / good head single 2022
6:54 am
alice cooper dyslexia dada 1983
6:58 am
tangerine dream cue #12 - the soldier #7 the soldier original soundtrack 2020