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Playlist: Themes to Me [u]

with “Mike” on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Show Notes:

Your UK Radio Alternate Realty!

Songs by US artists, which missed or barely made it to the American Top 40,
but which made the UK Top 10:

Automatically Sunshine-Supremes 1972

I’ll Say Forever My Love- Jimmy Ruffin released 1968, hit UK Top Ten 1969
[The Best Of, Motown]

A Simple Game-Four Tops 1971

Behind A Painted Smile-Isley Brothers released 1967, hit UK Top Ten 1969
[The Best of the Motown Years, Motown]

Baby Face-Little Richard 1959
[The Specialty Sessions, Specialty]

You’re More Than A Number (In My Little Red Book) 1976
[British Years 1973-78, Ripete]

Stool Pigeon – Kid Creole & The Coconuts 1982
[Wonderful Thing, Spectrum]

Banana Splits-Dickies
[Now That’s What I Call Punk & New Wave, EMI UK] 1979