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Playlist: Doctor Awesome's Cabinet of Wonders

with Michelle Hughes on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:07 am
fiona brice paris postcards from bella union 2016
6:07 am
julia shapiro come with me zorked suicide squeeze 2021
6:09 am
cerise lay low smoke screen dreams psychic cats 2016
6:16 am
emily wells antidote promise thesis + instinct 2016
6:20 am
alela diane black sheep about farewell rusted blue 2013
6:24 am
gwenno chwyldro y dydd olaf heavenly recordings 2015
6:29 am
the barmitzvah brothers 10:30am mr. bones' walk-in closet 2003
6:34 am
ex-girl pop muzik back to the mono kero ipecac recordings 2001
6:38 am
brutus child burst sargent house 2017
6:44 am
khaela maricich fairy tale look for it in the sky it will always be there 1998
6:46 am
better day the great lakes better day 2009
6:55 am
lykke li let it fall youth novel 2008
6:55 am
ms jody I might be your part time lover but I sho ain't your full time fool I never take a day off
6:59 am
nightlife on the run radio ep
7:04 am
space lady synthesize me the space lady's greatest hits night school 2014
7:09 am
us girls rosemary gem fatcat 2012
7:13 am
tegan and sara stop desire love you to death warner bros 2016
7:18 am
ladyhawke golden girl wild things polyvinyl 2016
7:24 am
love of diagrams waiting we got communication 2004
7:24 am
kiss me deadly dance 4 misty medley alien8 2006
7:30 am
tacocat I love seattle lost time hardly art 2016
7:31 am
lisa prank IUD perfect love song father/daughter 2019
7:46 am
? main theme blood monsters ost 1995
7:46 am
tiger trap eight wheels tiger trap k 1993
7:47 am
olivia jean rhinestone night owl third man 2019
7:47 am
45 grave phantoms sleep in safety real gone 1983
7:51 am
pins howlin' girls like us bella union 2014
7:53 am
heavy cream deadbeat super treatment super cat 2012
7:55 am
charly bliss under you young enough barsuk 2019
7:58 am
dream system 8 losing all of you we sleep again minty fresh 2018
8:05 am
danielle duval beat it down lose it peopleplay 2018
8:08 am
ms john soda I think it could work, marilyn while talking morr music 2006
8:20 am
reversels the real pretty boy floyd lasabre self-released 2021
8:20 am
no thank you hell bent all it takes to ruin it all lame-o 2018
8:20 am
my life as a moth electro junction chest of dress up ep zeitgeist 2022
8:26 am
lush take spooky 4ad 1992
8:27 am
summer cannibals just a little bit full of it kill rock stars 2016
8:31 am
chattel tail comraterie leaves 2014
8:41 am
? main theme blood monsters ost 1995
8:41 am
pypy molly pagan day black gladiator 2014
8:44 am
the fondas wanna be coming now! Sympathy for the Record Industry 2003
8:49 am
deerhoof the great car tomb holdy paws kill rock stars 2022
8:51 am
shonen knife my magic glasses genki shock! glue factory 2006
8:56 am
camp cope running with the hurricane running with the hurricane run for cover 2022