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Playlist: Doctor Awesome's Cabinet of Wonders

with Michelle Hughes on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:05 am
loreena mckennitt cé hé mise le ulaingt? / the two trees the mask and mirror 1994
6:09 am
the wallace bros for the first time popular songs that will live forever
6:13 am
black happy day in the garden of ghostflowers in the garden of ghostflowers silber 2006
6:19 am
emily wells rock n roll man the world is too ____ for you thesis + instinct 2019
6:19 am
speck mountain hey-moon bearded ladies finders keepers 2007
6:22 am
the body blessed, alone i have fought against it, but i can't any longer. thrill jockey 2018
6:26 am
pepe deluxe iron giant queen of the wave
6:29 am
indigo sparke baby echo sacred bones 2021
6:34 am
lac la belle brighter than light bring on the light
6:38 am
daisy may lone wolf sleepless 2003
6:41 am
kristy maccoll maybe it's imaginary electric landlady 1991
6:43 am
first aid kit I found a way the lion's roar wichita 2012
6:48 am
emma mcdermott (local) all I want she likes to fly mermaid lagoon 2021
6:51 am
sløtface night guilt try not to freak out nettwerk 2017
6:54 am
crow jane delusion mater dolorosa kitten robot 2021
6:58 am
bad waitress manners no taste royal mountain 2021
7:03 am
orpheum bell local boy pearls 2010
7:13 am
the innocence mission the lakes of canada birds of my neighborhood 1999
7:13 am
get back guinozzi! jungely carpet madness fat cat 2009
7:16 am
grace braun my darling, my dear I'm your girl
7:19 am
the capricorns end of the world love song pure magical love 2006
7:25 am
randolph's grin bones (ozone mix) darkness and the machine: a collection of detroit industrial and gothic carpe mortem 1998
7:27 am
the watson twins modern man talking to you, talking to me vanguard records 2010
7:32 am
pollyn broken record distress signals self-released 2016
7:45 am
martin galway wizball high voltage SID collection 1987
7:45 am
rupert dissident reduce potent affliction high voltage SID collection 2006
7:45 am
alexander orkut (mc zak) ? high voltage SID collection 1996
7:46 am
frankie cosmos too dark next thing bayonet 2016
7:54 am
dezurik sisters (cackle sisters) yippi-yippi-ye-ow checkerboard squares radio show recordings 365 days project
7:55 am
frame dead end state of mind concierge 2017
7:55 am
bazooka war parade bazooka
7:55 am
big thief magic dealer ufof 4ad 2019
7:57 am
bestial mouths small prey heartless cleopatra 2016
8:01 am
deerhoof heart failure apple o' kill rock stars / 5rc 2003
8:06 am
le tigre well well well feminist sweepstakes mr. lady records 2001
8:09 am
ghostlady calypsi henry 2012
8:12 am
santigold before the fire 99 cents atlantic 2016
8:14 am
piney gir mouse of a ghost mr hyde's wild ride greyday records 2016
8:32 am
screaming females boss castle talk don giovanni 2010
8:33 am
abba chiquitita gold 1979
8:33 am
pronoun temporary tantrum I'll show you stronger rhyme & reason 2019
8:33 am
the aquadolls long hair don't care stoked on you 2015
8:47 am
rebel kind motorcycle man today urinal cake 2014
8:56 am
blind liars digital clocks 2022
8:56 am
twizzle lazy susan s'prise inside
8:56 am
metric help i'm alive fantasies last gang 2009
8:57 am
bangs schick shadel sweet revenge kill rock stars 2000