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Playlist: Radiozilla

with rotating host Andrew on Sunday, June 19, 2016

Show Notes:

host: Andrew N

theme: featuring music from 3 different japanese netlabels

some songs I can only find the kanji -- rough google kanji translations given in parenthesis when available

the featured labels:
maltine records ( http://maltinerecords.cs8.biz/ )
bunkai-kei records ( http://bunkai-kei.com/ )
tanukineiri ( http://www.tanukineiri.net/ )

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:03 pm
banvox & nor resonance (original mix) flux maltine records
2:07 pm
banvox & nor flux (original mix) flux maltine records
2:12 pm
Aiobahn & Yunomi 枕元にゴースト(bedside ghost) 枕元にゴースト maltine records
2:14 pm
happy machine おはよう (good morning) nekomimi E.P. maltine records
2:16 pm
happy machine まぁいいっか (??) nekomimi ep maltine records
2:20 pm
Aiobahn & Yunomi 枕元にゴースト(Bedside Ghost) (ctrl + r remix) 枕元にゴースト Maltine Records
2:28 pm
ytamo autopeosis mi wo someone good 2016
2:34 pm
mus.hiba hitomi (with Abigail Press) Lycoris bunkai-kei records 2014
2:37 pm
mus.hiba phonograph (with owtn.) Lycoris bunkai-kei records 2014
2:41 pm
kz x Go-qualia LNGN (Bunkai-Voice Only-Mix) Dissolve Miku Slowly in Waveform bunkai-kei records 2011
2:49 pm
zaiden blue monday (cover) tanukineiri 2014
2:49 pm
house of tapes coil kikoel tanukineiri 2014
2:56 pm
ytamo hen mi wo (new) someone good 2016