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Playlist: The Seizure Experiment

with rotating host KRISTIN on Sunday, July 10, 2016

Show Notes:

why am I always hungover when it's my turn to do this show

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:08 pm
324 swinging skull v/a nihon noise grind promo wcbn 2002
10:09 pm
discordance axis sega bass fishing v/a nihon noise promo
10:10 pm
teengenerate johnny & deedee v/a tokyo trashville au-go-go
10:14 pm
walhalla valkyrie v/a root of all evil records celebrates its 3rd anniversary roots of all evil 2002
10:14 pm
yellow machinegun speak english or die v/a nihon noise
10:19 pm
demonicon burning starts again v/a root of all evil records celebrates its 3rd anniversary
10:23 pm
contagious orgasm in my heart v/a nihon noise
10:29 pm
dimmu borgir puritania Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia nuclear blast 2001
10:35 pm
disturbed the voice of insanity v/a root of all evil records celebrates its 3rd anniversary
10:36 pm
guitar wolf kung fu ramone v/a tokyo trashville au go go
10:38 pm
fku maniac cop v/a razorback horror hive RAZORBACK
10:45 pm
facialmess moonraker v/a nihon
10:48 pm
suppository separate the wrong;cleansed the ignorant;the bate v/a dutch assault
10:49 pm
garlic boys yokozuna v/a nihon noise
10:50 pm
last days of humanity rusty razors in a molding corpse v/a dutch assault
11:05 pm
coffins sacrifice to evil spirit v/a
11:06 pm
hellchild raise the
11:17 pm
noism pure v/a nihon noise
11:18 pm
venomous concept oink! retroactive abortion ipecac 2004
11:19 pm
last days of humanity mummification by a septic tank v/a dutch assault
11:27 pm
panopticon sleep to the sounds of the waves crashing autumn eternal birdrune recordings 2015
11:48 pm
congenital hemmorhoids grind the face of rockstars v/a nihon noise
11:49 pm
csso ga-shal v/a nihon noise
11:50 pm
bathtub shitter choise is cha v/a nihon noise
11:51 pm
zeni geva desire for agony v/a nihon noise