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Playlist: Grey Matters

a WCBN public affairs show with your host, Dick and Jim on Monday, June 20, 2016

Show Notes:

Cleveland Caveliers win the NBA with big help from LeBron James.
Basketball is becoming global, almost as big as football (soccer).
Cleveland and Detroit are mocked a lot but were crucial players in the industrial strength that helped US win world war 2.
Trump seems to be losing strength, the more he talks the more votes he loses and he never stops talking.
Perhaps he doesn’t really want to be president?
Donald blames muslim countries for hating us but in many cases they are reacting to US interference with their governments (US backed coup that installed the shah, invasion of Iraq on made up accusations).
NRA says that people on terrorist no-fly list should not be prohibited from buying guns because some people are on the list wrongly.
Leaked information reveals that 40-50 state department employees are upset that Obama isn’t bombing Syria.
ISL is losing territory, just kicked out of Faluja.