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Playlist: dim your lights

with Guest DJ Reverend Andrew on Monday, July 18, 2016

Show Notes:

Rev. Andrew sitting in for dalfred today

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:12 pm
Firesign theater getting in eat or be eaten mercury 1985
3:21 pm
Mustafio the soup of life the family bastard
3:24 pm
laurie anderson born, never asked / closed circuit you're the the guy I want to share my money with esd 1981
3:30 pm
marianne Nowattny and barry schwabsky miranda a voice hears you from mysterious places abaton book company 2012
3:34 pm
the black pope i'm a human radio station ZZZ wfmu radio archival oddities vol. 2 wfmu.org
3:43 pm
MC 900 foot jesus spaceman Hell with the Lid Off Nettwerk 1989
3:47 pm
Radio free vestibule Something's Wrong with Gilligan's Island Sketches, Songs and Shoes Borbo Records 1994
3:53 pm
the Hold steady One For The Cutters Stay Postitive Vagrant Records 2008
4:00 pm
Nurse with wound Duelling Banjos »Un-Natural Aesthetics« Automating Volume One United Dairies 1982
4:03 pm
Nurse with wound Stick That Chick & Feel My Steel Through Your Last Meal Automating Volume One United Dairies 1982
4:14 pm
guido Mobius batagur baska batagur baska (new) shitkatapult 2016
4:19 pm
Volapuk lorient slang! cuneiform 1997
4:26 pm
Larval something terrible is about to happen obedience cuneiform 2002
4:44 pm
Univers zero jack the ripper heresie cuneiform 2010
5:02 pm
test dept. the crusher the unacceptable face of freedom ministry of power 1986
5:02 pm
black lodge singers flintstones theme kid's pow-wow songs wfmu.org
5:15 pm
cub Koda meet the flintstones abba dabba dabba - a bananza of hits schoolkids records
5:16 pm
bruce Mcculloch doors answering machine & more twisted interludes atlantic 1995
5:24 pm
Tangerine dream stratosfear stratosfear virgin 1976
5:25 pm
Synergy (Larry Fast) phobos and deimos go to mars cords passport 1978
5:27 pm
wendy Carlos prelude and fugue no. 7 in e-flat major switched on bach columbia