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Playlist: Freeform w/ Marie

with Marie on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Show Notes:

Thor's Buttons (Mother's Theme).

"Emerging from oil refinery glow, two-headed, multi-limbed. Luminescent tendrils sprout from the necks. Swollen spore-sacs dangle from the tips, spasmodically bursting open in a flash of white light and smoke, emitting primordial bleats... metallic blue, genetic spew. Goliad ghosts form a circle of lysergic light while sound particles saturate the night air with psilocybin dew.

I watch from my cage built of refinery crud and red clay mud. -The Heiress" -Rotten Piece, Incarcerated Dwarf Heiress Liner Notes

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
4:04 pm
Ryuichi Sakamoto Salvation (Short Edit) Discord Sony Classical 1998
4:07 pm
Anohni Execution Hopelessness (new) Secretly Canadian 2016
4:14 pm
Crispy Inspector Gadget. Dubstep Remix (extended version) (by request)
4:19 pm
Enchanted Angels (Mother's Theme) s/t BMG 1994
4:24 pm
Fuck Buttons Sentients Slow Focus FB 2013
4:29 pm
Forest Swords Thor's Stone Engravings Tri Angle Records 2013
4:32 pm
Cooly G Phat Si Kode 9: Dj Kicks !K7 2010
4:35 pm
Matmos the Struggle Against Unreality The Civil War Matador 2003
4:43 pm
Haxan Cloak Part 2 The Drop Excavation Tri Angle Records 2013
4:52 pm
Cowlamp (local) track 3 Cowlamp Unplugged 2015
4:53 pm
Purient The History of Aids (by request) Precious Love
5:05 pm
Philip Corner The First Gymnopedies Satie, Slowly Unseen Worlds 2014
5:08 pm
Wieland Samola 5 Steady State Music Imbalance Recordings
5:14 pm
Spires That In The Sunset Rise Born In A Room Four Winds The Walker Secret Eye
5:19 pm
Stars Like Fleas Third Night, Wisconsin Sun lights down on the fence
5:23 pm
Dog Faced Hermans Calley Those Deep Buds Alternative Tentacles 1994
5:27 pm
Sanso-Xtro Golden Hour Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain Digitalis Recordings 2011
5:39 pm
The Claypool Lennon Delirium Ohmerica The Monolith of Phobos (new) Prawn Song 2016
5:43 pm
Death from Above 1979 Government Trash Live at Third Man Records (new) Third Man 2015
5:47 pm
Lightning Bolt Saint Jaques Ride the Skies LOAD 2001
5:51 pm
Mike & The Melvins Gravel 3 Men and a Baby (new) Sub Pop 2016
5:53 pm
Fred Frith Dancing In The Street/My Enemy Is A Bad Man Gravity RecRec 1980
5:58 pm
What Makes Donna Twirl? Liberty Ships To Nije Sala & What Makes Donna Twirl? Psycho Acoustic 1989
6:03 pm
Les Elgart and His Orchestra Voodoo Drums Popcorn Exotica (new) Croyden Municipal / Cherry Red
6:05 pm
Rotten Piece Mysterious Potato Omen Incarcerated Dwarf Heiress Fleece Records 1998
6:11 pm
Saturn's Rival 1 S/t pfMentum 2014
6:16 pm
Solid Eye Der Golem Fruits of Automation Win Records 1999
6:26 pm
Sal Solaris Horn Of Fate Outerpretation of Dreams Hau Ruck! 2002