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Playlist: Right on Radio

with Rodney on Friday, July 1, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:08 am
slopoke (local) a 45 astrobrite
9:13 am
fifty foot hose and after,if not this time,opus 777 cauldron limelight 1967
9:23 am
9:23 am
home wrecker (local) whacha gona do 45 silver circle 1982
9:28 am
dewy terry do on my feet(what i did in the street) 45 tumbel weed 1972
9:44 am
the golden knot the world keeps spinnin, the year of the sun s/t Verve 1967
9:48 am
wild butter tommy the cat,new york mining disaster s/t United Artists 1970
9:55 am
the wailers concrete jungle (by request) reggae greats Island 1984
10:04 am
strawberry alarm clock mushroom pillow psych out side walk 1967
10:04 am
old and the way wild horses s/t round 1972
10:12 am
bob boden-Rick hammang (local) mountain,obe,debi home wrecker silver circle 1978
10:29 am
jade warior the traveler,a prenormal day at brighton,masai morning s/t vertigo 1971
10:46 am
spleen hurdy gurdy man the sound of feeling limelight 1966
10:48 am
bob smith indian slumber the visit kent 1970
10:55 am
sea train sea train s/t am records
11:07 am
greatful dead various 10/22/77 paramount theater portland OR bootleg 1977