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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, June 11, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
Matchess Aweh The Rafter (new) Monofonus Press 2016
2:07 am
Pinch & Shackleton Torn & Submerged Pinch & Shackleton Honest Jon's 2011
2:14 am
John Roberts Six Plum (new) Brunette Editions 2016
2:18 am
Plaid CLOCK The Digging Remedy (new) Warp 2016
2:22 am
µ-Ziq Bombadub RY30 Trax Planet Mu 1995
2:29 am
Autechre spTh elseq 1-5 (new) Warp 2016
2:37 am
Blochemy Koen Da Mear (new) Sun Sea Sky Productions 2016
2:43 am
Fumiya Tanaka Swallowed Memory You Find the Key (new) Perlon 2016
2:48 am
Lurka Beater Beater (new) Timedance 2016
2:53 am
Sinerider Finch Seconds Minutes (new) Sun Sea Sky Productions 2016
2:57 am
BLÆRG Incomprehensible Compassion Solace Vertex (new) naboamusic 2016
3:02 am
Seiho Deep House Collapse (new) Leaving Records 2016
3:05 am
Hex Open Source Hex (new) Liberation Technologies 2016
3:10 am
WWWINGS Resurge Phoenix (new) self-released 2016
3:14 am
Inner8 Consolidation Tetramorph (new) Holotone 2016
3:18 am
Weightausend Meet Your Doom! (Christoph De Babalon Mix) Meet Your Doom!/Green Death (new) Haunter Records 2016
3:24 am
Mikael Lind Unyielding Rocks Intentions and Variations (new) Morr Music 2016
3:30 am
Matthew Collings Cincinnatus A Requiem For Edward Snowden (new) Denovali 2016
3:35 am
Dan Deacon An Opal Toad With Obsidian Eyes: Movement 1 (excerpt) mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
3:46 am
Merrin Karras Liberant Apex (new) A Strangely Isolated Place 2016
3:53 am
Laniakea Zone in Parallel Rose A Pot of Powdered Nettles (new) House Of Mythology 2016
4:01 am
Chants Silencer Magpie The Zookeeper EP (new) Astral Plane Recordings 2016
4:05 am
Pearl River Sound Juunglenaation Kiss My Smiling Face (new) X-Kalay 2016
4:09 am
Buz Ludzha Higher Volumes (Dub) Jungle Tapes (new) Tape Throb Records 2016
4:13 am
Submerged Vs. Bill Laswell Servant After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness? (new) Ohm Resistance 2016
4:20 am
Jammz & Dread D 10 Missed Calls single (new) Local Action 2016
4:23 am
Abra Crybaby Princess (new) True Panther Sounds 2016
4:28 am
Klaus Schulze's U.S.O. Private Privée MIG 2000
4:35 am
Xeno & Oaklander Palms Topiary (new) Ghostly International 2016
4:38 am
Scientific Sunshine (local) A Trip to the Moon Chaarmy Bandcamp 2015
4:43 am
Fear of Men A Memory Fall Forever (new) Kanine Records 2016
4:47 am
Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk Bill Murray Burritos (new) Fire Talk 2016
4:50 am
Earring Pure Pleasure Tunn Star (new) Fire Talk 2016
4:55 am
Contact Sensorium Zero Moment (new) Temporary Residence 2016
5:01 am
Super Thing (local) Lazer Puke Super Thing (new) self-released 2016
5:08 am
Earth Girls Oland Typical Girls (new) Emotional Response 2016
5:10 am
Amber Arcades Right Now Fading Lines (new) Heavenly 2016
5:14 am
Todd Terje & the Olsens Firecracker (radio edit) The Big Cover Up EP (new) Olsen 2016
5:17 am
Violence Conjugale Violences Conjugales Violence Conjugale Born Bad Records 1981
5:21 am
Indoor Life Mambo Indoor Life Compost 1981
5:24 am
Andreas Dorau Und Die Bruderschaft Der Kleinen Sorgen Ein Liebesraum (Remix) Demokratie Ata Tak/Bureau B 1988
5:27 am
Mr. Oizo Lambs Anger/Jo (Fakesch Remix) Exchange Musik Aus Strom 2010
5:32 am
K.K. Null/Chris Watson/Z'ev Development - Woman, (The Balance) Saturn Taste Earth Center Late Summer Noon Number One Touch 2005
5:44 am
Seirom Deep Still Silent Earth 1973 Aurora Borealis 2012
5:52 am
Erland Dahlen Knife Blossom Bells Hubro 2015