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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, June 18, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:02 am
MV Carbon Heavy Curtains The Sun Will Turn On You (new) Discombobulate 2016
2:05 am
Matchess Mind in Self-Estrangement (at 33) Seraphastra Trouble in Mind 2013
2:11 am
Matchess The Rafter The Rafter (new) Monofonus Press 2016
2:17 am
Clawed Why Don't You Understand Rob (new) Lalena 2016
2:24 am
bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Rückkopplung The Wire Tapper 40 (new) The Wire magazine 2016
2:29 am
Moby LA4 Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep. (new) Self-Released 2016
2:35 am
Snakepiss (local) /\ Knives (new) Chambray Records 2016
2:39 am
Drexciya (local) Unknown Journey VII Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV Clone Classic Cuts 2013
2:44 am
Drexciya (local) Flying Fish Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller III Clone Classic Cuts 2013
2:46 am
Drexciya (local) Unknown Journey II Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller II Clone Classic Cuts 2012
2:49 am
Underground Resistance (local) Jupiter Jazz World 2 World Underground Resistance 1992
2:53 am
Galaxy 2 Galaxy (local) Star Sailing Galaxy 2 Galaxy Underground Resistance 1993
3:00 am
Andrés (local) New For U New For U 12" La Vida 2012
3:06 am
Damian Schwartz Frau Odd The Dancing Behavior (new) A Harmless Deed 2016
3:11 am
Fumiya Tanaka Cinematicorc You Find the Key (new) Perlon 2016
3:20 am
Matt Karmil Be ++++ (new) PNN 2016
3:24 am
Ryan Huber Cambridge in Flames Comoros (new) Inam Records 2016
3:29 am
Silent Harbour Descending Radius Curve Silent Harbour Echocord 2012
3:35 am
Pär Grindvik Shine Isle of Real (new) Stockholm LTD 2016
3:39 am
Unicorn Hard-On Florida Water Dream Machine (new) untergang-institut 2016
3:44 am
Xeno & Oaklander Chimera Topiary (new) Ghostly International 2016
3:46 am
Function Low Lights and Trick Mirrors Facticity (new) Infrastructure 2016
3:52 am
UNCLE 22 LOVE The Orb And Youth Present Impossible Oddities From Underground To Overground (The Story Of WAU! Mr Modo) WAU! Mr Modo 1989
3:56 am
Foozool Lezginka Dance Scene mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
4:00 am
Shanti ft. Oxhy Broke In mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
4:04 am
EndgamE Savage Riddim (WWWINGS Remix) mp3 (new) Purple Tape Pedigree 2016
4:07 am
4:10 am
Chambry De Temps En Temps video (new) Vimeo 2016
4:13 am
R Gamble Mas Torque Teeth Like Foil (new) Lost Soul Enterprises 2016
4:19 am
AceMo & Fugitive SHOOTEM’UP mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
4:23 am
DJ Rashad X DJ Phil Come Close Afterlife (new) Teklife 2016
4:29 am
Erik Wøllo & Byron Metcalf Valley Of Spheres Earth Luminous (new) Projekt 2016
4:35 am
Ilk Yes, Ruff! split 12" w/ Etch (new) Bun the Grid 2016
4:41 am
Jake Slazenger Lolly Girl mp3 Soundcloud 1994
4:48 am
P. Morris Low Low (new) Bear Club Music Group 2016
4:51 am
P. Morris Fell Teeth (new) Bear Club Music Group 2016
4:54 am
Asher Levitas Blessed Mother Lit Harness (new) Planet Mu 2016
4:58 am
ZYX Away to Freedom Trust No Woman Dark Entries 1981
5:02 am
Xaõ Seffcheque Du Und Ich 12" Kess Kill 1981
5:06 am
Product of Reason Five Household Shocks Dark Entries 1980
5:09 am
Linda Guilala Fobia Social II Psiconáutica (new) Elefant 2016
5:12 am
Parlour Kármán Line Parlour (new) Temporary Residence 2016
5:18 am
Alto! Piece Twelve LP3 (new) Trouble in Mind 2016
5:35 am
Swans People Like Us The Glowing Man (new) Young God 2016
5:40 am
Jambinai Echo of Creation A Hermitage (new) Bella Union 2016
5:44 am
Super Thing (local) Pandemonium Super Thing (new) Self-Released 2016
5:52 am
SineRider Finch Seconds Minutes (new) Sun Sea Sky Productions 2016
5:55 am
Julianna Barwick Someway Will (new) Dead Oceans 2016