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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, July 9, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:00 am
Ian William Craig A Circle Without Having to Curve Centres (new) 130701/FatCat 2016
2:10 am
Copley Medal Teskind Teskind Prime Ruin 2015
2:25 am
Raime Dialling In, Falling Out Tooth (new) Blackest Ever Black 2016
2:30 am
SunPath Snowflake Dragon Yasimin and the Snowflake Dragon Leaving Records 1980
2:38 am
Konx-om-Pax Mega Glacial Caramel (new) Planet Mu 2016
2:42 am
Five Star Hotel (local) Earth Cycle Gravity Signal (new) Memory No. 36 Recordings 2016
2:46 am
EndgamE Savage Riddim Savage (new) Purple Tape Pedigree 2016
2:50 am
Dviance 2sik2breathe mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
2:55 am
Pivotal Nightmare Dive Operation Sound Invasion Visual Disturbances 2015
2:57 am
Gunslinger-R Punie Amen 16 00's Anison Hit Parade 2 (new) The Worst 2016
3:00 am
Morten_HD Part II Naphtha tape Visual Disturbances/Emergency Tapes 2015
3:20 am
Ninja Sword Persona mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
3:24 am
Air Max '97 Swelter (Ziúr Remix) mp3 (new) Decisions 2016
3:28 am
Bambounou Great Escape Orbiting 50Weapons 2012
3:32 am
Terror Danjah feat. Jamakabi Juicy Patty (Logos Remix) 12" (new) Keysound 2016
3:35 am
Sote feat. Safar In Music I Trust 10" Repitch 1997
3:43 am
Yorishiro Shimmering I (new) Constellation Tatsu 2016
3:47 am
Dang Olsen Dream Tape Solving Dissolving Zonk (new) Constellation Tatsu 2016
3:50 am
Brain Machine To the Stars Peaks (new) Emotional Response 2016
4:00 am
Eric Copeland On Black Bubblegum (new) DFA 2016
4:04 am
Germ Class Complex Glow Germ Class (new) Night People 2016
4:07 am
MV Carbon Waitin' Here All Night The Sun Will Turn On You (new) Discombobulate 2016
4:12 am
Rutger Hauser N-N-N-N Rutger Hauser AD AAD AT 2015
4:16 am
Hydropark (local) Imposters, Fabricators, Certain Characters Hydropark (new) Syncro System 2016
4:19 am
Failed Flowers (local) Coke Floats Failed Flowers (new) 25 Diamonds 2016
4:22 am
Evan Haywood (local) Attrition Blues Ramshackles (new) Black Ram Records 2016
4:26 am
Snakepiss (local) Spooky Action Knives (new) Chambray Records 2016
4:32 am
Chronotope Project Solaris Passages (new) Spotted Peccary 2016
4:37 am
H.N.A.S. Part 1 Im Schatten Der Möhre Streamline 1987
4:58 am
Ryan Huber AEX Comoros (new) Inam Records 2016
5:01 am
Tangents Jindabyne Stateless (new) Temporary Residence Ltd. 2016
5:08 am
BadBadNotGood IV IV (new) Innovative Leisure 2016
5:15 am
Kiln (local) Swung Rusted Open Ampday Thalassa 1999
5:17 am
Arbeit Schickert Schneider 38° ASS (new) Bureau B 2016
5:23 am
Dennis Young Arabian Nights Wave Bureau B 1985
5:28 am
Vivenza Modes Réels Collectifs - Partie 2 Modes Réels Collectifs Rotorelief 1983
5:34 am
Depth Affect Basic Illitch John Cassettes Autres Directions In Music 2006
5:39 am
Felipe + Forté Shadow People Revisted Shaggy Black Soft Abuse 2005
5:43 am
Peder Mannerfelt Humming The Swedish Congo Record Archives Interieures 2015
5:45 am
Hidden Rivers Awash Where Moss Grows Serein 2015
5:48 am
Kenneth James Gibson Weighty Repetitions The Evening Falls (new) Kompakt Pop Ambient 2016
5:52 am
Nest Lodge Retold Serein 2007
5:56 am
Fiona Brice Verona Postcards From (new) Bella Union 2016