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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, September 10, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:03 am
Umberto White Night Alienation (new) Not Not Fun 2016
2:07 am
Black Tape For a Blue Girl Fin De Siécle Remnants Of A Deeper Purity Projekt 1996
2:13 am
Cocteau Twins Aikea-Guinea The Pink Opaque 4AD 1985
2:16 am
Eluvium Beyond the Moon For Someone in Reverse False Readings On (new) Temporary Residence Ltd. 2016
2:25 am
Monogamy (local) Finally Happy Semifloral 7" (new) Almost Halloween Time/Citizen of the World/Side Wound Worship 2016
2:28 am
Variant Vortexual [Element Six] Vortexual [Element Six] (new) Echospace [Detroit] 2016
2:36 am
Troller Tiger Troller Holodeck 2011
2:42 am
HEALTH Crusher 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program (new) Adult Swim 2016
2:45 am
Tim Hecker Veil Scans 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program (new) Adult Swim 2016
2:49 am
clipping. Baby Don't Sleep Splendor & Misery (new) Sub Pop 2016
2:52 am
Pan Sonic Atomin Paluu (Part 10) Atomin Paluu (new) Blast First Petite 2016
2:57 am
WWWINGS Arcane Phoenixxx (new) Planet Mu 2016
3:00 am
Samantha Vacation Samantha's Vacation Music For Shut-Ins L.I.E.S. 2013
3:09 am
Val G (local) Frostbite EP (new) Vanity Press 2016
3:14 am
Model 500 (local) Future (Vocal) 12" Metroplex 1985
3:19 am
Underground Resistance (local) Electronic Warfare (The Original) 12" Underground Resistance 1996
3:25 am
Jeff Mills (local) Inner Synthesis Free Fall Galaxy (new) Axis 2016
3:28 am
Neil Landstrumm S:Board Crash/ /ZX-81 Understanding Disinformation Tresor 1996
3:35 am
Cristian Vogel Plastered Cracks Classics Remastered 1993-1998 Sub Rosa 1996
3:40 am
Orphx Sever the Signal Pitch Black Mirror (new) Sonic Groove/Hands 2016
3:46 am
Emptyset x Danny Brown Income Tax Swag (Dis Fig Bootie) mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
3:51 am
Zomby Yeti Ultra (new) Hyperdub 2016
3:53 am
WMX World Complicit (new) Darkmatter Soundsystem 2016
4:02 am
Jlin Erotic Heat (Rick Owens Fashion Show Version) mp3 Soundcloud 2014
4:14 am
DJ FLP (local) My Feet #weirdkids 003 (new) #weirdkids 2016
4:18 am
Datach'i Grabbed With Claws System (new) Timesig 2016
4:22 am
patten RE-EDIT70 RE-EDITS vol 2 (new) Soundcloud 2016
4:27 am
vhvl thn myrrh Bandcamp 2013
4:29 am
Marsen Jules Shadows in Time Shadows in Time (new) Oktaf 2016
4:40 am
Ant'lrd Dream River Artifact II (v2) split tape w/ Braeyden Jae (new) Whited Sepulchre 2016
4:42 am
Braeyden Jae Vanishing Procession Fog Mirror (new) Whited Sepulchre 2016
4:48 am
Melodium Int5 Luminol (new) Audiobulb 2016
4:50 am
The Field Reflecting Lights (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Mix) Total 16 (new) Kompakt 2016
4:54 am
Mike & Rich Waltz Expert Knob Twiddlers reissue Planet Mu 1996
5:00 am
Psychic Twin Lose Myself Strange Diary (new) Polyvinyl 2016
5:04 am
The Spook School Gone Home Continental Drift (new) Slumberland/Fortuna Pop! 2016
5:07 am
The Hecks The Thaw The Hecks (new) Trouble in Mind 2016
5:10 am
Scott & Charlene's Wedding Don't Bother Me Mid Thirties Single Scene (new) Fire 2016
5:14 am
Protomartyr (local) Born to Be Wine 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program (new) Adult Swim 2016
5:18 am
Die Krupps Stahlwerkrequiem / Westfalenhütte Stahlwerkrequiem (new) Bureau B 2016
5:32 am
Variant Vortexual [Element Five] Vortexual [Element Five] (new) Echospace [Detroit] 2016
5:37 am
Fudge No Vibes Lady Parts (new) Lex 2016
5:38 am
Earl Sweatshirt ft. Knxwledge Balance 2016 Adult Swim Singles Program (new) Adult Swim 2016
5:39 am
Friendships The Roof Nullarbor 1988-1989 (new) Dot Dash/Remote Control Records 2016
5:44 am
Sally Shapiro If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind (Ben Macklin Remix) If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind (new) Fika Recordings 2016
5:50 am
FP-Oner Adjusted Perception 6 (new) Mule Musiq 2016
5:57 am
Tobacco Fantasy Trash Wave Sweatbox Dynasty (new) Ghostly International 2016