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Playlist: The Eunice Rice Experience

with Mark on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Show Notes:

Goodbye Mr. Ed by David Bowie...

The ghost of Manhattoes
Shrieking as they fall
From AT&T
Someone sees it all
Goodbye Mr. Ed
Andy's skull enshrined
In a shopping mall near Queens
Someone sees it all

Icarus takes his pratfall
Bruegel on his head
Goodbye Mr. Ed
Four and twenty black kids
Some of them are blind
Someone sees it all
Tolerance of violence
By the fellows with no heads
Goodbye Mr. Ed

Some things are so big
They make no sense
Histories so small
People are so dense
Someone sees it all
Goodbye Mr. Ed

Some things are so big
They make no sense
Histories so small
People are so dense
Someone sees it all
Goodbye Mr. Ed

Never mind the Pistols
They laid the Golem eggs
Others came to hatch them
Outside the pale
Someone sees it all
Goodbye Mr. Ed

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:04 am
George Harrison Any Road Brainwashed Parlophone 2002
9:07 am
Jim Meyer Heart Ships One Real Friend
9:10 am
Cornelius Seaside and Horizon Fantasma Polystar 1997
9:13 am
R.E.M. Under The Bunker Life's Rich Pageant I.R.S. 1986
9:14 am
Buena Vista Social Club Candela Buena Vista Social Club Nonesuch 1997
9:18 am
Iggy Pop Starry Night Brick by Brick Virgin 1990
9:24 am
R.E.M. Carnival Of Sorts Chronic Town I.R.S 1982
9:31 am
Blue Dog Radio Bomba (by request) What Is Anything Knitting Factory Works 1994
9:39 am
Soul Coughing Disseminated Irresistible Bliss Slash 1996
9:43 am
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan +Talvin Singh My Heart, My Life Remix Star Rise Remixes Real World 1997
9:58 am
Screaming Trees Winter Song Sweet Oblivion Epic 1992
10:06 am
Ralph White What's the Good in Diggin'? Trash Fish Terminus Records 2002
10:07 am
Captain Beefheart 81 Poop Hatch Bat Chain Puller Vaulternative Records 2012
10:08 am
Can Sunshine Day And Night Saw Delight Virgin 1997
10:11 am
Scott Walker Montegue Terrace (In Blue) Scott Smash Records 1967
10:15 am
Isaac Hayes Walk On By Hot Buttered Soul Enterprise Records 1969
10:27 am
Busta Rhymes Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See When Disaster Strikes Elektra 1997
10:44 am
Captain Beefheart Hobo-ism Bat Chain Puller Vaulternative Records 2012
10:51 am
Inflatable Boy Clams Skeletons Skywing Stereoplop
10:53 am
Don Byron Blue Bubbles Bug Musid
10:58 am
The Channels The Closer You Are Port Records 1959
11:04 am
David Bowie Brilliant Adventure hours... Virgin 1999
11:19 am
Meher Baba w/ Eruch Jessawalla, Gary Kleiner & Janet Judson The Sevenfold Veil God Speaks
11:19 am
Rumi You Are Not A Single You This Being Human
11:26 am
David Bowie/Tin Machine Goodbye Mr. Ed Tin Machine II
11:27 am
Jamie Newell Discipline Of The Cup The Songs of Hafiz Meher Lane
11:35 am
Paul Esswood, Milagro Vargas Akhnaten & Nefertiti Glass: Songs from The Trilogy CBS 1989
11:43 am
The Beatles I'm So Tired Anthology 3 Apple 1996
11:49 am
Bjork These Modern Things Post 1995
11:51 am
Cornelius Magoo Opening/Star Fruits Surf Rider Fantasma Polystar 1997
11:59 am
The Brian Setzer Orchestra A Nightengale Sang In Berkely Square The Brian Setzer Orchestra Hollywood Records 1994