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Playlist: Area of Refuge

with Sue on Monday, January 2, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:06 am
Van Morrison Caravan
9:06 am
Taj Mahal/Toumani Diabate Queen Bee
9:10 am
Imarhan Assossamagh Imarhan (new) Slang 2016
9:19 am
Django Reinhardt Mystery Pacific
9:19 am
A Hawk and a Handsaw Serbian Cocek
9:26 am
3 Mustaphas 3 Singe Tema
9:28 am
Louis Prima Pickle in the Middle
9:32 am
Debo Band Ele (new)
9:37 am
ELIXIR VITAE underwriting
9:43 am
Primus The Final Voyage of the Liquid Sky
9:43 am
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore Bedazzled
9:46 am
Hat & Tie Finding it Rough
9:48 am
Pretty Things Allnight Sailor
9:50 am
Dry Ice Running to the Convent
9:57 am
Hu Vibrational Presents The Epic Botanical Beat Suite
10:04 am
Roky Erickson Don't Slander Me
10:04 am
Thee Headcoats My Dear Watson Headcoatitude Get Hip 1993
10:08 am
Donovan Barabajagal Greatest Hits Epic 1999
10:12 am
Enter the Haggis Martha Stuart
10:15 am
The Cramps She Said
10:22 am
Grumbling Fur Acid Ali Khan FurFour (new) Thrill Jockey 2016
10:26 am
Roxy Music Ladytron
10:26 am
Lila Downs/Frida sdtrk Alcoba Azul
10:41 am
Faint Glass Dance (new)
10:42 am
Alabama Shakes Don't Wanna Fight Sound & Color Ato 2015
10:47 am
Bongolian Ritmo do Rio (new)
10:54 am
Fur Cups for Teeth INternational Baby
10:58 am
De la Soul w/David Byrne Snoopies (new)
10:58 am
Brookzill! Todos os Terreiros (new)
11:07 am
Robert Wyatt Sonia
11:11 am
Culture She Want Money
11:11 am
Eartha Kitt Old Fashioned Girl
11:15 am
Stan Freberg Sh-Boom
11:18 am
Elsa Ecoutez
11:23 am
Laura Cahen Ca Depend des Saisons (new)
11:25 am
Luis Oliveira and his Bandodalua Band Chihuahua
11:26 am
Fuzzy Love Spill the Wine/Evil Ways
11:40 am
Encore Records underwriting
11:41 am
Whetzel Reidemeister Moves (new)
11:44 am
Black Masala Bhangra Ramo I Love You Madly Black Masala Music 2015
11:50 am
Tak Shindo Mombasa Love Song (new)
11:52 am
King N'Gom et Les Perles Noires Viva Marvillas (new)