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Playlist: Right on Radio

with Rodney on Friday, September 23, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:03 am
dewy terry do on my feet(what i did in the street) 45 tumbel weed 1972
9:06 am
the shy guys (local) lay it on the line 45 panik
9:09 am
the cherry slush (local) I cannot stop you 45 usa records 1966
9:12 am
barclay james harvest mr. sunshine 45 Sire 1968
9:12 am
pisces a flower for all seasons 45 Numero Group 2009
9:20 am
john d. loudermilk hell on a sled the open mind of john d. loudermilk omni 1969
9:20 am
jeff thomas straight areo nuggets Rhino 2016
9:22 am
silver apples confussion contact kapp 1969
9:27 am
the holly mackrel wildflowers nuggets Rhino 2016
9:39 am
the misty wizzards its love 45 Reprise 1967
9:40 am
arzachel azahoth s/t Roulette 1967
9:44 am
the apple pie motherhood band gypsy,he turned you on apple pie alantic 1969
9:51 am
Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre on the road to freedom On The Road To Freedom Columbia 1974
9:56 am
Mad river revolutions in my pockets paridise bar and grill capitol 1967
10:05 am
emmet finley side a s/t poison ring records 1971
10:29 am
stone harbor youll be a star emerges Void 1974
10:44 am
Kaleidoscope please,keep your mind open Side Trips Edsel 1967
10:49 am
endel st cloud like a badge thank you all very much International artists 1967
10:53 am
the mops blind bird monster a go go bamboo 2016
10:57 am
sun city girls tarmac 23 torch of the mystics abduction (reissue) 2015
11:25 am
Greatful Dead (local) various 12/15/1971 hill auditorium A2 Bootleg tape 1971
11:59 am
Greatful Dead (local) various 12/15/1971 Hill Auditorium A2 Bootleg Tape 1971