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Playlist: Right on Radio

with Rodney on Friday, October 28, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:02 am
winsome wich space dream 45 hbr 1966
9:05 am
judy henske & jerry yester farewell aldebaran farewell aldebaran straight 1969
9:07 am
Concept Pour une faveur 45 reveal 1975
9:12 am
Mckendree spring If the sun should rise> No regrets promo 7' Decca
9:15 am
judy henske & jerry yester Raiders farewell aldebaran straight 1969
9:21 am
Indelible Inc. Come Away For Now 2 Concordia 1967
9:22 am
Widsith Mulberry hill maker of song Alithia 1972
9:27 am
White cloud All cryd out s/t good medicine 1972
9:31 am
Jay bolotin Dear father s/t comonwealth united 1972
9:47 am
Elmer city rambling dogs The prowler jam it dog dirt records 1975
9:51 am
sonny bono pammys on a bummer inner veiws atco 1967
10:05 am
Dracula I want to bight your hand Draculas greatest hits rca
10:08 am
Lalo schifran Amityvill frenzy The amityvill horor
10:10 am
Dracula surf monster Draculas greatest hits rca
10:15 am
Blue money band (local) Wachin the devil die No money down money master 1977
10:18 am
Whiz Kids (local) poision s/t kasba 1974
10:26 am
Blacklight brail The golden dragon of the sord stone carmarthen vecto 1988
10:27 am
Agape freedom s/t Mark (LP) 1971
10:43 am
The sacred mushroom side a s/t parallax 1969
11:43 am
Greatful Dead various 10/31/1971 ohio theater Bootleg tape 1971