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Playlist: Robot Pasta

with Jim and Mars on Saturday, October 8, 2016

Show Notes:

Ed Special sitting in for Jim and Mars

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
5:04 pm
Ed Wood I am Criswell
5:06 pm
J J Perret Mod Ghost
5:09 pm
Roger Corman / James Horner Humanoids From The Deep
5:11 pm
Leona Anderson Rats in My Room
5:13 pm
Stephen Scott Primordium The Deep Spaces
5:19 pm
Yma Sumac Bo Mambo Mambo
5:23 pm
Martha Wentworth Devil Octopus Terror Tales by the Old Sea Hag
5:24 pm
Valerio Cosi Forces of the Air Immortal Attitudes
5:32 pm
The Fountain our bodies film - The Fountain
5:33 pm
Cliff Martinz Solaris (excerpt) film - Solaris
5:36 pm
20 Million Miles to Earth 20 Million Miles to Earth - film intro
5:38 pm
Fred Lane French Toast Man
5:41 pm
Nature Dusk at New Hope
5:42 pm
Daws Butler & Tip Corning Happy Grasshopper (pt 1)
5:44 pm
Wire In The Art of Stopping Send
5:47 pm
Daws Butler & Tip Corning Happy Grasshopper (pt 2)
5:51 pm
Dukes of The Dtratosphere Little Lighthouse Psonic Psunspot
5:56 pm
Moloko The lotus Eaters Do You Like My Nice Tight Sweater
6:03 pm
Paul Wing Uncle Wiggly and his Flying Rug
6:07 pm
John Seeley & William Loose Fashion Fox Trot Music to Buy Toasters By
6:09 pm
Frank Pahl Trio of The Vanishing Gods On Their Cloud The Back Of Beyond
6:11 pm
Peter Lind Hayes Genie The Magic Record (pt 1)
6:15 pm
Zappa & The Mothers Lumpy Gravy (excerpt) - Louie The Turkey Lumpy Gravy
6:18 pm
Shorty Petterstein Drums In The Typewriter The Wide, Weird World of Shorty Petterstein
6:19 pm
Richard Band Crawford's Anxiety film - From Beyond
6:20 pm
Mel Blanc Tweet and Toot Mel Blanc Sings
6:23 pm
Peter Lind Hayes Genie The Magic Record (pt 2)
6:29 pm
Ed Special Beer
6:31 pm
The Space Alphabet Uranus U
6:32 pm
People Like Us Ursula Fahrt Ski
6:37 pm
XTC Scarecrow People Oranges and Lemons
6:41 pm
Tomahawk Sun Dance Mit Gas
6:47 pm
David Thomas & two pale boys Golden Surf 18 Monkeys on a Deadman's Chest
6:52 pm
Raymond Scott And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon