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Playlist: Break Your Radio

with The Liz on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:08 pm
Paul and the Tall Trees Crack of dawn Our love in the light (new)
10:13 pm
Rafter when i die i wanna get some of my blood on them XYZ (new)
10:14 pm
Exotic Adrian Street & The Pile Drivers A mighty big girl Shake Wrestle N Roll (new)
10:17 pm
Monomyth Fuck with me Happy pop family (new)
10:18 pm
Purple Image We got to pull together Purple Image (new)
10:22 pm
Xylouris White Erotokritos (Opening) Black peak (new)
10:27 pm
Syna So Pro Holiday Vox (new)
10:32 pm
Wally Badarou Spider woman (novela das nove) Chief inspector
10:34 pm
Shana Falana Cool kids Here comes the wave (new)
10:39 pm
Tasseomancy Do easy reprise Do easy (new)
10:44 pm
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions Day disguise Until the Hunter (new)
10:51 pm
Springtime Carnivore Raised by wolves Midnight room (new)
10:55 pm
Shantih Shantih Vulnerable child Winter in September LP (new)
10:56 pm
Rafter Weird animal XYZ (new)
11:03 pm
Autolux Soft scene Live at Third Man Records (Nashville, TN) (new)
11:08 pm
Prairie WWWW Moon Wu-Hai (new)
11:13 pm
Khompa Upside-down world The shape of drums to come (new)
11:18 pm
Muuy Bien Bitter blessings Age of uncertainty (new)
11:22 pm
Sam Kogon Lincoln Lincoln Psychic Tears (new)
11:25 pm
Minihorse Thriller Big lack EP (new)
11:28 pm
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down The evening A man alive (new)
11:32 pm
Sad13 Krampus (in love) Slugger
11:38 pm
Antifer's Revenge (local) Unring the bell 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 (new)
11:45 pm
Boudoir Noir (local) Wild valentine Endless dawn (new)
11:48 pm
Marian Hill Down Act one (new)
11:52 pm
Seshen Waiting for you Flames & figures
11:55 pm
Invisible Best of me Patience (new)
11:59 pm
Soft Hair Alive without medicine Soft Hair (new)