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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, October 22, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Manuel Göttsching side 1 E2-E4 MG.ART 1981
2:33 am
Kluster Kluster 2 (Electric Music) Klopfzeichen Bureau B 1970
2:40 am
Laraaji Om Namah Shivaya Pt.1 Om Namah Shivaya Leaving Records 1984
2:48 am
Λένα Πλάτωνος [Lena Platonos] Τι Νέα Ψιψίνα; [What's New Pussycat] Γκάλοπ [Gallop] Dark Entries 1985
2:51 am
X Ray Pop L'Eurasienne Pirate! The Dark Side Of The X Cache Cache 1985
2:54 am
Metal Boys Paranoia Carnival Tokio Airport Acute 1980
2:55 am
Throbbing Gristle AB/7A D.o.A. The Third and Final Report of... Industrial Records 1978
3:02 am
Wanexa The Man From Colours (Instrumental Version) 12" Dark Entries 1982
3:08 am
Africans with Mainframes Sense Of Place Strength Of Being The Faces of Africa (new) Mathematics Recordings 2016
3:15 am
L.A.M. [Drexciya] Hostile Bacteria Balance of Terror Clone 1992
3:19 am
ARIISK Radio Tmrrw Ppl Fatal Errors (new) SCRAPES 2016
3:23 am
Abra Pull Up Princess (new) True Panther Sounds 2016
3:26 am
Group Rhoda Heart 12th House Not Not Fun 2013
3:31 am
Samantha Vacation Postcards From Mssr Perdu 12" L.I.E.S. 2013
3:40 am
Anthony Naples Lekker 12" (new) The Trilogy Tapes 2016
3:48 am
patten Obsidian Alms (mid-saccade) EOLIAN INSTATE Warp 2013
3:52 am
Devata Daun Willow Look (new) Pytch Records 2016
3:57 am
AGF dis dance Kon​:​3p>UTION to: e​[​VOL​]​ution AGF Producktion 2016
4:01 am
Blessed Initiative Vile Value Blessed Initiative (new) Subtext 2016
4:06 am
Pinkcourtesyphone High End Smalls Taking Into Account Only a Portion of Your Emotions (new) Editions Mego 2016
4:15 am
Modality Curtis' Music Hall Under the Shadow of This Red Rock (new) House of Watts 2016
4:24 am
Expo 70 Transcending Energy From Light 7" Trensmat 2008
4:31 am
Stratosphere Melancholy Rise (new) Projekt 2016
4:40 am
Ganger/Third Eye Foundation Smorgasbord (Third Eye Version) 12" Domino 1996
4:45 am
Storm Ross (local) Atheon Welcome, Sunshine (new) Satellite Records 2016
4:52 am
Caspian Castles High, Marble Bright Castles High, Marble Bright (new) Triple Crown 2016
5:01 am
Roy Montgomery Cocktails with Can R M H Q: Headquarters (H: Bender) (new) Grapefruit 2016
5:08 am
Harmonia Notre Dame Deluxe Brain/Grönland 1975
5:12 am
M.B. [Maurizio Bianchi] Chelmno Symphony For a Genocide Rotorelief 1981
5:18 am
CAM Kryddereddike True or False? (new) Skrat Records 2016
5:21 am
Oval MY Popp (new) Uovooo 2016
5:26 am
Somatic Responses Insecure Post-Organic Praxis 1996
5:32 am
Forma Maxwell's Demon Physicalist (new) Kranky 2016
5:39 am
The Bug feat. Riko Dan Iceman 12" (new) Ninja Tune 2016
5:42 am
HiM Weird Science (remixed by Spectre) Shake the Nations 12" WordSound 1997
5:47 am
Ryan Huber Macedonia Kholstomer (new) Inam Records 2016
5:52 am
Adrian Younge The Electronique Void: Black Noise Fly Away (new) Linear Labs 2016
5:55 am
Weyes Blood Used to Be Front Row Seat to Earth (new) Mexican Summer 2016