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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, November 12, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
Richard Pinhas/Tatsuya Yoshida/Masami Akita TVJ 66 (Non-Sens) Process and Reality (new) Cuneiform 2016
2:12 am
Coil Who By Fire Horse Rotorvator Relativity 1986
2:14 am
Sutcliffe Jugend Howl Offal (new) Cold Spring 2016
2:28 am
Vita Noctis Hade Killed By Deathrock, Vol. 2 Sacred Bones 1984
2:33 am
Laraaji Sun Zither 2 Sun Zither Leaving Records 1984
2:37 am
Suzi Analogue MOVE / IT / OFF mp3 (new) Soundcloud 2016
2:40 am
Detroit's Filthiest (local) Game Over (Instrumental) single (new) Motor City Electro Company 2016
2:45 am
A Tribe Called Quest Black Spasmodic We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service (new) Epic 2016
2:48 am
Camp Candle Weapons ERE (new) Bandcamp 2016
2:50 am
Cryptolect Punished The Marrow In My Bones (new) UNO NYC 2016
2:54 am
Andrew Tuttle Brisbane, Transit Centre mp3 (new) Bandcamp 2016
2:56 am
Dedekind Cut Fear in Reverse $uccessor (new) NON Worldwide 2016
3:01 am
Moon Pool & Dead Band (local) Hospital Quiet Humanizer (new) Midwich Productions 2016
3:05 am
Porter Ricks Harbour Chart Shadow Boat (new) Tresor 2016
3:12 am
Mind Over Mirrors Restore & Slip Undying Color (new) Paradise of Bachelors 2017
3:20 am
Papa M The Love Particle Highway Songs (new) Drag City 2016
3:22 am
µ-Ziq Midwinter Log Lunatic Harness Planet Mu 1997
3:29 am
Variant (local) Sequential Sleep [Modular Dub] Sequential Sleep (new) Echospace [Detroit] 2016
3:35 am
The Intended (local) Desparation Time Will Tell (new) In the Red 2016
3:38 am
Tyvek (local) Choose Once Origin of What (new) In the Red 2016
3:41 am
E Candidate E (new) Thrill Jockey 2016
3:44 am
Cellular Chaos Hysterical Diamond Teeth Clenched (new) Skin Graft 2016
3:46 am
Converge Drop Out You Fail Me Redux Epitaph 2004
3:49 am
Food For Animals Muckrakers Scavengers Muckamuck Produce 2004
3:51 am
AGF Snowden Kon​:​3p>UTION to: e​[​VOL​]​ution (new) AGF Producktion 2016
3:54 am
A-Symmetry i AM life 10 I Am Life AGF Producktion 2014
3:58 am
DVA [Hi:Emotions] DAFUQ NOTU_URONLINEU (new) Hyperdub 2016
4:02 am
Asher Levitas Anticipating Violence Lit Harness (new) Planet Mu 2016
4:06 am
Morlox Technicolor Yawn: Utopian Remnant Mix Alien Death Strike + Public Remixes! (new) Backward Records 2016
4:11 am
Radian Recreate Loved Objects On Dark Silent Off (new) Thrill Jockey 2016
4:15 am
Tadd Mullinix (local) Twice Triumph Winking Makes a Face Ghostly International 2000
4:21 am
Telefon Tel Aviv What's the Use of Feet If You Haven't Got Legs? Fahrenheit Far Enough Hefty 2001
4:25 am
Vert The Tide Comes In And Then The Tide Goes Out Nine Types of Ambiguity Sonig 2001
4:31 am
New Rome Nowhere Nowhere (new) Room40 2016
4:37 am
The Range No Loss (Superimpose Version) Superimpose (new) Domino 2016
4:42 am
Peals Punk Migration Honey (new) Friends Records 2016
4:45 am
Guru Guru Groove Band Mescalito A The Birth of Krautrock 1969 Purple Pyramid 1969
4:48 am
Controlled Bleeding Did You Ever Body Samples Artoffact 1985
4:53 am
Sankt Otten/N Am Ende Der Fahnenstange Männerfreundschaften Und Metaphysik (new) Denovali 2016
4:59 am
CAM Ghost True or False? (new) Skrat Records 2016
5:02 am
Quentin Tolimieri Well You Needn't Piano (new) pfMENTUM 2016
5:05 am
Eki Shola Warm Up Final Beginning (new) self-released 2016
5:11 am
Morricone Youth Sorcerer The Adventures of Prince Achmed (new) Country Club Records 2016
5:21 am
Ornette Coleman Biosphere Sound Museum Hidden Man Verve 1996
5:24 am
Oliver Nelson Aftermath Celestial Blues BGP 1970
5:28 am
Pierce Warnecke Remnants Remembered Memory Fragments (new) Room40 2016
5:34 am
Elder Ones Dvapara Yuga (For Eric Garner) Holy Science (new) Northern Spy 2016
5:47 am
Dirty Three She Has No Strings She Has No Strings Apollo Touch & Go 2003
5:55 am
David Shea Magnets Piano I (new) Room40 2016