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Playlist: The Answer is in the Beat

with Paul on Saturday, December 24, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
2:01 am
The Qualities It's Christmas Time Sun Ra: Singles Strut
2:03 am
Heather Noel Santa Came on a Nuclear Missile The American Song-Poem Christmas Bar/None
2:08 am
Anthony Child Colonisation Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol 2 (new) Editions Mego 2016
2:12 am
Sven Grünberg Hingus IV Hingus Bureau B 1981
2:17 am
Klaus Schulze Dreams Dreams MIG 1986
2:26 am
Michael Bundt Metagony Electri City Bureau B 1980
2:29 am
Adelbert Von Deyen Sternzeit Sternzeit Bureau B 1978
2:35 am
Windy & Carl (local) Snowing mp3 (new) Bandcamp 2016
2:42 am
Venetian Snares Xmas Song mp3 (new) Bandcamp 2016
2:45 am
Bubblegum Octopus Ding-Dong Merrily On High Christmasasaurus Vol. 6 (new) Bandcamp 2016
2:47 am
Khaki Blazer Drum and Bastard Coco Nara Deezer (new) Experimedia 2016
2:49 am
Bizzy B feat. Equinox and TDK Bless This Sound Science EP Volume VI Planet Mu 2006
2:54 am
Shitmat Selectahhhhh! Roughneck Rarities (new) Bandcamp 2016
3:00 am
Nmesh Balls Caught In Vice Hard Classiks, Volume 1 (new) H.V.R.F. Central Command 2016
3:04 am
Itoa Snake Pass split 12" w/ Toyc (new) Bun the Grid 2016
3:08 am
DJ Taye Move Out Move Out (new) Hyperdub 2016
3:11 am
Otik Acne Downs 12" (new) Durkle Disco 2016
3:15 am
Demdike Stare Curzon Wonderland (new) Modern Love 2016
3:21 am
Beau Wanzer Ultralean Untitled (new) self-released 2016
3:22 am
Street Sects Victims of Nostalgia End Position (new) The Flenser 2016
3:24 am
Dreamcrusher Sick World NOISE (new) Adult Swim 2016
3:28 am
Void Opening Side Opening May Your Children Turn Their Faces From You (new) Pastel Voids 2016
3:31 am
Tiger Village Jungle Gate Tiger Village VI: Effective Living (new) Hausu Mountain 2016
3:33 am
Diseño Corbusier Flanco - Dama Stadia Dark Entries 1983
3:41 am
Headboggle side A [excerpt] In Dual Mono (new) Hausu Mountain 2016
3:48 am
Richard H. Kirk Shaking Down the Tower of Babel Time High Fiction Mute 1983
3:52 am
Coil Heaven's Blade The Ape of Naples Important Records 2005
3:56 am
Tomutonttu Kaatuu Rauhassa Trarat (new) Leaving Records 2016
3:59 am
Lockbox Shimmerbreeze Demonoid (new) Hausu Mountain 2016
4:00 am
Bocal 5 Babouin Calin Musique Électronique Dark Entries 1983
4:03 am
Bjarki Sudbury Acid Slurp 2 Æ (new) трип 2016
4:08 am
Ital Tek Utter Beyond Sight (new) Planet Mu 2016
4:12 am
Ssaliva Owl Cave Mercury Coast Not Not Fun 2011
4:14 am
Poptartpete RedBeanBun (One4Sofie) Sofie's SOS Tape (new) Stones Throw 2016
4:15 am
Naked Slow Zone (new) LuckyMe 2016
4:18 am
Damu Point and Line to Plane [excerpt] Off The Spectrum (new) Keysound 2016
4:29 am
Phaeleh Ghost Theory Illusion of the Tale (new) Undertow 2016
4:38 am
Ant'lrd Msdass [excerpt] Sleep Drive (new) Whited Sepulchre 2016
4:41 am
Fis SeaPR From Patterns to Details (new) Subtext 2016
4:44 am
Andrew Pekler Mirror Structures Tristes Tropiques (new) Faitiche 2016
4:47 am
Arvo Zylo Eight Heavenly Sounds In Lo-Fi - Arvo Plays Ferrante And Teicher (new) self-released 2016
4:49 am
Jeff Parker Super Rich Kids Slight Freedom (new) Eremite 2016
4:54 am
Rhucle Rigid Hornwort Fantastic Garden (new) Constellation Tatsu 2016
5:00 am
Rose Marble Exile (new) Constellation Tatsu 2016
5:07 am
Grouper I'm Clean Now Paradise Valley 7" (new) Yellow Electric 2016
5:10 am
Deuter Spirales (The Microcosm) Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986 Light in the Attic 1985
5:17 am
Syrinx Tillicum Tumblers From The Vault (1970-1972) Rvng Intl 1970
5:19 am
Justin Shay (local) The Process of Inspiration She Said It Looks Like Spring We're Twins Records 2002
5:20 am
Juan Garcia & Fred Thomas (local) Outside Birdsong Ypsilanti Records 2004
5:22 am
M. Gira/D. Matz Cold Creeping What We Did Young God 2001
5:28 am
Ben Bracken + Eric Cook (local) track 4 Framed/Frozen Simulated Music 2005
5:37 am
Disasterpeace The Sentients Hyper Light Drifter Bandcamp 2016
5:46 am
Roman Flügel Nameless Lake All the Right Noises (new) Dial 2016
5:50 am
Paul Haslinger Reverse Engineering Halt and Catch Fire (new) Lakeshore 2016
5:52 am
Kira Kira Soothe Feathermagnetik Sound of a Handshake 2012