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Playlist: Doctor Awesome’s Cabinet of Wonders and Sex and Gender on the Radio

with Michelle Hughes on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:30 am
julie ruin time is up hit reset Hardly Art 2016
6:31 am
melting moments I'd better a free example of we're twins music 2003 we're twins 2003
6:31 am
kitten forever afterbite 7 hearts atlas chair 2016
6:31 am
bratmobile cool schmool pottymouth 1993
6:32 am
l7 drama the beauty process: triple platinum
6:32 am
hang on the box kill your belly yellow banana 2001
6:32 am
the death set intermission worldwide 2008
6:33 am
heart shaped hate haircuts bitch, plz 2014
6:33 am
suicide squad new kids army a reference of female fronted punk rock
6:34 am
the pussy pirates the bed eat my brain, call it art
6:34 am
the coathangers gettin' mad and pumpin' iron scramble 2009
6:34 am
lucrate milk fucking pacifist a reference of female fronted punk rock
6:35 am
bikini kill feels blind bikini kill 1994
6:37 am
dum dum girls jail la la I will be 2010
6:45 am
hinds and I will send your flowers back leave me alone
6:47 am
the murmurs sucker upper pristine smut 1997
6:50 am
frankie cosmos is it possible next thing bayonet 2016
6:51 am
guts club whale legs shit bug moderate fidelity 2016
7:00 am
the aquadolls don't mean jack stoked on you 2015
7:00 am
heart shaped hate grab ass bitch, plz 2014
7:01 am
bangs new scars call and response 2002
7:06 am
be your own pet food fight get awkward 2008
7:17 am
chugga chugga lo carb rev nine times!
7:18 am
heartsrevolution brillianteen ride or die
7:18 am
randolph's grin don't look in melt
7:21 am
tacocat I hate the weekend lost time hardly art 2016
7:22 am
hang on the box motorcycle boy yellow banana 2001
7:25 am
bratmobile gimme brains ladies, women, and girls 2000
7:28 am
got a girl da da da I love you but I must drive off this cliff now 2014
7:29 am
heart shaped hate the happiest little zombie bitch, plz cassette deck 2014
7:37 am
dites donc! I'm only going to play xiu xiu songs if you break up with me grown zone
7:38 am
coathangers hurricane larceny & old lace 2011
7:38 am
esg ufo a south bronx story 1981
7:49 am
electrelane eight steps axes 2003
7:49 am
the lisps pepper spray the vain, the modest, and the dead 2006
7:50 am
pony up shut up and kiss me pony up 2005
7:54 am
kocho-bi-sexual donuts pop-machine
8:03 am
Black Cracker Bury Me (Skull and Bone)
8:05 am
Rocco Katastrophe Wake Me If I'm Dreaming
8:09 am
Athens Boys Choirs Fagette 2008
8:13 am
Kandace Jones Homophobe
8:21 am
Foxjazell Ride or Die Boy Boy, Girl, Whateva
8:27 am
Kaoz feat. Heidi Barton Stink Labels Real Talk 2011
8:27 am
Katey Red Don't Speak (Make Ya Booty Go)
8:30 am
Brasper Ima Stay Gay Brevity 2012
8:33 am
Deep Dickollective I Am
8:38 am
Sgt. Sass F*ggot Snappin'
8:41 am
Murs Animal Style Love and Rockets 1: The Transformation 2011
8:46 am
Eekwol Too Sick Apprentice to the Mystery
8:50 am
Dead Prez Police State Let's Get Free 2000
8:54 am
Miss Eaves TNT Black Valley Self-Released 2015
8:57 am
KRS-One Beef Edutainment 1990