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Playlist: Freeform w/ Reverend Andrew

with Reverend Andrew on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Show Notes:

Rev. Andrew kicking off the fall term with local rock.....

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
12:07 pm
Real life face to face, dance mix (at 45 rpm) face to face 12" Ylp curb / mca 1985
12:09 pm
Ramatam strange place ramatam Ylp atlantic 1972
12:13 pm
Qfouru breidabolssta6ur q1 Ylp dark eentries 2013
12:23 pm
Motorama corona / dispersed energy poverty Ycd new talitres 2015
12:27 pm
Desaparecidos slacktivist payola Ycd new epitaph 2015
12:28 pm
Scissor now! bail out / ham sandwich not now but right now! Ylp local arbco 2013
12:30 pm
Downtown boys dancing in the dark full communism Ycd new don giovanni 2015
12:33 pm
Double king femme fatale night fades Ycd new swell records 2015
12:41 pm
Motorcycle wars destroyer raging for your heart Ycd pennant 2001
12:47 pm
the Gories hidden charms (willie dixon) the gories Ylp local wanghead records
12:48 pm
the Dirtbombs the thing / kung fu ultraglide in black Ycd local in the red 2001
12:49 pm
the Dirtbombs leopardman at c&a we have you surrounded Ycd local in the red 2008
12:51 pm
the MC5 starship (sun ra) kick out the jams Ylp local elektra
12:57 pm
Blind shake i'm not an animal live in san francisco Ycd new castle face 2015
1:00 pm
Cabal new horizon cabal Ylp local awf-trak
1:20 pm
Pleasure circuit panic in detroit (David Bowie) panic in detroit Ylp local tight records
1:24 pm
Protomartyr machinist man no passion, all technique Ylp local urinal cake 2012
1:28 pm
Druid perfume wheel of the chance druid perfume Ylp local urinal cake 2012
1:36 pm
Laurel halo head hour logic BWcd local hippo in tanks 2011
1:39 pm
charlie Slick professional elron hubbard Ylp local archer records 2010
1:52 pm
Swervedriver sandblasted swervedriver 12" single Yl a&m 1991
1:53 pm
Starecase first fire lose today Ylp local de stijl 2011
1:57 pm
frank Pahl lolita ya ya remove the cork YBcd local demosaurus 1998
1:58 pm
the Urbations countdown the urbations Ylp local wild child discs 1985
2:06 pm
erza Furman wobbly perpetual motion people Ycd new bella union
2:15 pm
Gospel machine just call me your hoy ghost Ycd new
2:16 pm
the Fuzz in the sticks noise destroyers Ycd local thefuzz.net 2003
2:17 pm
Guapo obscure knowledge (part 3) obscure knowledge Ycd new cuneiform 2015
2:24 pm
Hive mind elemental disgrace 1 elemental disgrace (yellow vinyl!) YBlp local spectrum spools 2011
2:46 pm
Rudy schwartz project salmon moisture prelude / salmon dave salmon dave Ycd rat scum tapes
2:47 pm
Rudy schwartz project you can be a republican too remembering a summertime rash Ycd dc-jam 2010
2:49 pm
Rudy schwartz project bob eubanks initiation ritual and subsequent cumbia bowling for appliances Ycd dc-jam
2:51 pm
Rudy schwartz project yodelin' satan gunther packs a stiffy Ycd seeland 1995