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Playlist: Freeform w/ Emm

with Emm on Thursday, December 24, 2015

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:03 pm
Deaf Center The Day I Would Never Have Owl Splinters
3:15 pm
Death Ambient The Deep Synesthesia
3:18 pm
Sunn O))) Cry For The Weeper Black One Southern Lord
3:21 pm
The Take Summer Cant Stop It
3:25 pm
Norman Salant Bowiezawa Saxophone Demonstrations
3:28 pm
Nagamatzu Faith Shatter Days
3:35 pm
Martin Dupont Just Because Des Jeunes Gens Modernes
3:43 pm
Equal Local Lamp That Cant Stop It
3:44 pm
Univers Zero Partch's X Ray Implosion
3:49 pm
Doctor Nerve Preaching To The Converted Every Screaming Ear
3:56 pm
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic The Iridium Controversy: After The Iridium Controversy
4:02 pm
Vita Noctis Hade Against The Rule
4:05 pm
The Slits Instant Hit Cut
4:08 pm
Smersh Special Branch Agent Cassette Pets
4:18 pm
Dariush Dolt-Shahi Razm Electronic Music, Tar And Setar
4:19 pm
Princess Century Tokyo Hands Paper Bag
4:24 pm
So Percussion Work Slow Life Amid The Noise
4:31 pm
Scott Simon An Angel From The Sea Kissed Me Insomni
4:43 pm
Karantamba Sama Yai Ndigal Teranga Beat
4:53 pm
SK Kakraba Banyere Songs of Paapieye
5:03 pm
Konono No. 1 Wumbanzanga Assume Crash Position
5:15 pm
Amadou Kienou Tiriba Djembe, Tama, et Chant
5:17 pm
El Nino Del Atocha Oru Para Chango Sacred Rhythms of Cuban Santeria
5:29 pm
Lakou Badjo Bawon Mande Angels In The Mirror
5:39 pm
Death Praxis Magic Tenko Ikue Mori
5:42 pm
Quintron & Miss Pussycat Silent Night Psych-Out Christmas
5:43 pm
Holy Balm Phone Song It's You
5:50 pm
Kolsch Des Die Das 1983
5:56 pm
Rival Consoles Afterglow Howl