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Playlist: Beat the Bezoar

with Guest DJ Paul on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Show Notes:

Paul taking over for a Best of 2016 show!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
7:03 pm
Andy Stott Butterflies Too Many Voices Modern Love 2016
7:06 pm
New Rome Beginning Nowhere Room40 2016
7:12 pm
Amnesia Scanner AS Chingy AS Young Turks 2016
7:14 pm
WWWINGS Affliction Meta 7" Infinite Machine 2016
7:16 pm
Datach'i Waveguiding System Timesig 2016
7:20 pm
Venetian Snares Can't Vote for Yourself v1 Traditional Synthesizer Music Timesig 2016
7:24 pm
Eva Weishaupt Rex Patriot H.V.R.F. Central Command 2016
7:28 pm
Demdike Stare Sourcer Wonderland Modern Love 2016
7:33 pm
Somatic Responses Life Cycle Folding Space Hymen 2016
7:38 pm
D/P/I Pattern/WAYTA? Composer Shelter Press 2016
7:43 pm
patten Sonne Ψ Warp 2016
7:48 pm
Equiknoxx Timebird Bird Sound Power DDS 2016
7:51 pm
DVA [Hi:Emotions] FD14 NOTU_URONLINEU Hyperdub 2016
7:54 pm
Roly Porter Mass Third Law Tri Angle 2016
8:00 pm
Variant Sequential Sleep [Granular Mix] [excerpt] Sequential Sleep Echospace [Detroit] 2016
8:04 pm
Paul Jebanasam search another 3Hφ˙ = lose you i), place i=0 doubt I V (φ) am ∝ exp( √ 16π to meet you again pm² P φ Continuum Subtext 2016
8:19 pm
Fis CMB Inna From Patterns to Details Subtext 2016
8:26 pm
Moby LA1 [excerpt] Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep. self-released 2016
8:30 pm
Ian William Craig A Circle Without Having to Curve Centres 130701/FatCat 2016
8:40 pm
Grouper I'm Clean Now Paradise Valley 7" Yellow Electric 2016
8:43 pm
MJ Guider Lit Negative Precious Systems Kranky 2016
8:48 pm
Troller Nothing Graphic Holodeck 2016
8:56 pm
ARIISK Lost Life Fatal Errors SCRAPES 2016