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Playlist: Doctor Awesome’s Cabinet of Wonders and Sex and Gender on the Radio

with Michelle Hughes on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:10 am
the jezabels my love is my disease synthia self-released 2016
6:10 am
guerilla toss polly's crystal flood dosed dfa 2015
6:16 am
venice is sinking to your ghost sorry about the flowers 2006
6:29 am
future of what call it spring pro dreams 2015
6:29 am
the raveonettes curse the night observator 2012
6:39 am
the concretes postponeit chosen one 2006
6:40 am
venus and the moon porch swing brother, son 2016
6:40 am
daisy may heart song heart song 2004
6:40 am
molly burch not today please be mine captured tracks 2017
6:48 am
bodies of water one hand loves the other twist again
7:00 am
chastity belt on the floor time to go home 2015
7:10 am
the lisps brackish water country doctor museum
7:10 am
ponytail g shock ice cream spiritual
7:16 am
girls at our best politics pleasure vinyl japan 1984
7:17 am
aquarian blood cold foreign advisor last nite in paradise goner 2017
7:18 am
miami dolphins disconnected perlite fpe 2016
7:19 am
chit chat (local) don't go don't go/down 7" vinyl prty ngg! 2014
7:20 am
god is my co-pilot making babies puss o2
7:21 am
god is my co-pilot well straight not 1995
7:22 am
the hussy luke galore southpaw 2015
7:26 am
lyn & the invaders boy is gone scream loud!!! the fenton story #02 Way Back Records 2007
7:27 am
anti-scruntifaction slave to my estrogen a reference of female-fronted punk rock
7:31 am
bangs leave it behind call and response 2002
7:46 am
delta 5 mind your own business disco not disco : post punk, electro & leftfield disco classics 1974-1986 strut 2008
7:47 am
? metalman, heatman, airman, bubbleman, quickman, crashman, flashman, woodman stage mega man 2
7:47 am
the 5. 6. 7. 8.s wooly bully can't help it! rockville 1992
7:49 am
aquarian blood funeral moon last nite in paradise goner 2017
7:57 am
the 5. 6. 7. 8.s jet coaster can't help it! rockville 1992
8:04 am
love of diagrams ms v export love of diagrams ep matador 2007
8:05 am
regrettes I don't like you feel your feelings fool! Warner Bros. 2017
8:05 am
cutting room floor pillow woman on a hook you shouldn't be here self-released 2013
8:07 am
tunde olaniran (local) the internet yung archetype quite scientific 2014
8:11 am
the soft pink truth black metal why do the heathen rage? thrill jockey 2014
8:14 am
glitter trash panic button
8:23 am
all the pretty horses god dog
8:23 am
pme (ft vaginal davis) cherries in the snow
8:27 am
amanda lear enigma (give a bit of mmh to me)
8:36 am
nero's day at disneyland mascara running everywhere
8:37 am
nero's day at disneyland in the hollow mountain of generic consumer goods
8:39 am
spook school burn masculinity try to be hopeful fortuna pop! 2016
8:49 am
black tambourine drown black tambourine 2010
8:49 am
the golden palominos angel of death a dead horse 1989
8:52 am
ma kyin u, ma gyee, and duck oh the crying princess the crying princess, burmese 78s Sublime Frequencies 2014