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Playlist: Freeform w/ Marie

with Marie on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Show Notes:

bands named after famous people!!! FUNDRAISER SPECIAL EDITION!!!

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
4:06 pm
Harvey Milk I've Got A Love Special Wishes Megablade Records
4:11 pm
Roseanne Barrr Feed Me Repulsion
4:13 pm
Bettie Ford Sucker 4 Love Jetzt geht's Los!
4:17 pm
Sissy Spacek Freaked With Jet (album) 2011
4:20 pm
Tom Waits for No Man The Consumption The Consumption 2017
4:24 pm
George's Bush Diggin' For Love Living Color
4:27 pm
Tom Cruise Control A Stained Glass Romance 2012
4:40 pm
Natalie Portman's Shaved Head Me + Yr Daughter Glistening Pleasure
4:44 pm
Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon Michael's Heaven Night Language
4:48 pm
Paul Newman Machine is Not Broken, Sir This is how It Is Lost
4:59 pm
Harvey Milk Love Swing Special Wishes Megablade Records
5:05 pm
Mink Stole Reborn in the Gutt-o New Improved Bad Ends
5:09 pm
Babe Ruth Private Number
5:11 pm
Dennis Hopper Choppers Lust Chop LP
5:14 pm
Kathleen Turner Overdrive Sweatin' To The Gallows Marauders! Wolves! Scavenger! Party!
5:18 pm
David Cronenberg's Wife Losing It With You The Man At The Back Of The Woods
5:20 pm
Joan of Arc Full Moon and Rainbo Repair He's Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands Joyful Noise 2016
5:25 pm
Carl Sagan's Ghost Nanobots Chill Remnants 2012
5:39 pm
Robin Williams On Fire Jungle Gym of Crucifixes Jungle Gym of Crucifixes
5:41 pm
Chuck Norris Multinacionais Jäzzus vs. Chuck Norris
5:42 pm
Chuck Norris Quero Ter Status Jäzzus vs. Chuck Norris
5:44 pm
Rosanne Barrr Thief's Journal Repulsion
5:46 pm
Charles Bronson Youth Attack LP
5:50 pm
Sissy Spacek Scorpion Whip French Record
5:59 pm
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan Semi-Charmed Life J.C. (Confessions of a Cyberbully)