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Playlist: Trying Not To Swear

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Monday, January 30, 2017

Show Notes:

No borders. Just people.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:22 am
The Twilight Zone Obsolete Man
3:27 am
Fear Let's Have a War The Record Slash 1982
3:29 am
Versificators (local) Terror with a Capital "ISM" Versificators or Bantha Fodder Arbco 2008
3:31 am
Bill Bondsmen (local) Comfortably Dumb Young*, Loud and Shoddy (*Kinda) Buring Sensation Records
3:32 am
Minor Threat Think Again/Look Back & Laugh Out Of Step Dischord 1983
3:39 am
Bantha Fodder (local) Gas Cans Were Made For Fires Versificators or Bantha Fodder Arbco 2008
3:40 am
MDC Who's Are The Terrorist Now This Blood's For You R Radical Records 1987
3:41 am
Fuckin' A (local) Side A For All Intents and Purposes Arbco 2012
3:52 am
Suicide by Cop (local) To Someone You're "Them"/Yes, We Can! Making the Magic Happen Arbco 2012
3:55 am
Descendents Suburban Home Milo Goes to College New Alliance Records 1982
3:59 am
Dead Kennedys Religious Vomit/Moral Majority In God We Trust Inc Alternative Tentacles 1981
4:02 am
Descendents 'Merican 'Merican EP Fat Wreck Chords 2004
4:04 am
Desaparecidos The Happiest Place on Earth Read Music, Speak Spanish Saddle Creek 2002
4:07 am
Desaparecidos Radicalized Payola Epitaph 2015
4:11 am
Propagandhi Fuck The Border Today's Empire, Tomorrow Ashes Fat Wreck Chords 2001
4:12 am
Anti-Flag Anatomy of an Enemy Moblize A-F Records 2002
4:14 am
Refused Worms of the Senses/Faculties of the Skull The Shape of Punk To Come Burning Hearts 1998
4:21 am
NOFX Re-Gaining Unconsciousness The War on Errorism Fat Wreck Chords 2003
4:24 am
Minus 9 (local) One More World War Non-Ignorable Kill Flying Blood 2007
4:25 am
Minus 9 (local) Eat Your Children Valley Of The Sick & The Stupid Flying Blood 2015
4:27 am
Minus 9 (local) Genocide Drown Flying Blood 2013
4:37 am
Wipers Youth of America Youth of America Restless Records 1981
4:47 am
Minutemen Little Man With A Gun In His Hand Ballot Result SST 1986
4:50 am
Crass Systematic Death Penis Envy Crass 1981
4:56 am
Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator Speech
4:59 am
Pink Floyd In the Flesh The Wall EMI 1979
5:00 am
The Newsroom Why America Isn't Great
5:05 am
John Lennon Gimme Some Truth Imagine Apple Records 1971
5:11 am
Modest Mouse 3rd Planet The Moon & Antarctica Sony Music Entertainment 2000
5:15 am
Charlie Chaplin A King in New York Speech
5:17 am
The Presidents of The United States Kitty S/T Popllama 1995
5:20 am
Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot
5:25 am
The Feelies Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey) Higher Ground 12" Single Coyote Records 1988
5:34 am
Sleaford Mods Bunch of Cunts Tiswas EP Invada 2015
5:36 am
Sleaford Mods Tweet Tweet Tweet Divide and Exit Harbinger Sound 2015
5:39 am
Sleaford Mods The Blob Key Markets Harbinger Sound 2015
5:41 am
Sleaford Mods Britain Thirst T.C.R. Rough Trade 2016
5:45 am
Saul Williams List Of Demands (Reparartions) Saul Williams Fader Label 2004
5:49 am
Saul Williams Can't Hide Love The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust Fader 2007
5:52 am
dalek Forever Close My Eyes from filthy tongue of gods and griots ipecac 2002