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Playlist: Trying Not To Swear

with Rev. BOMB BACK Minister and Administer of Noise on Monday, February 6, 2017

Show Notes:

For a guy who gave up on being an artist, I sure do work on a lot of creative things.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
3:13 am
Henry David Thoreau Side A Walden Spoken Arts Inc. 1962
3:27 am
The KGB Space Cadet The Space Cadet EP Dreamworks 2000
3:29 am
Boilerman Weak Week Feel Ways About Stuff (new) Waterslide Records 2016
3:31 am
The Chicken Flickers No Job, No Life, No Balls BMP 2 Bermuda Mohawk Productions
3:33 am
Rice Alone Fuck You This is Rice Lookout Records
3:34 am
Necros Police Brutality Conquest for Death T&G 1983
3:36 am
Nice Hooves (local) Play Jazz S/T Bellyache 2013
3:37 am
Negative Approach (local) Live Your Life Tied Down Touch and Go 1983
3:40 am
Stucky Lucky In Purgatory BMP 2 Bermuda Mohawk Productions
3:42 am
Spacin' Total Freedom Total Freedom (new) Agitated Records 2016
3:49 am
Honeymoon Killers Finger Lickin' Spring Chicken Turn Me On Buy Our Records 1987
3:51 am
Spit for Athena (local) Hux Sux BMP 2 Bermuda Mohawk Productions
3:54 am
Alkaline Trio Fuck You Aurora Maybe I'll Catch Fire Asian Man 2000
4:00 am
Courtney Barnett Pedestrian at Best Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit Milk Records 2015
4:03 am
Modest Mouse Teeth Like God's Shoeshine The Lonesome Crowded West Up Records 1997
4:10 am
Ahoe-Ahoea Terminal Boredom True Love Never Dies Bunkerpop 1983
4:15 am
Miami Dolphins Quial Birth Perlite 7" For Practically Everyone Records 2016
4:16 am
Pit er Pat Scared Sorry Shakey Thrill Jockey 2005
4:19 am
Benjamin Booker Have You Seen My Son? S/T ATO Records 2014
4:24 am
Courtney Barnett Heavy Heart Austin City Limits
4:41 am
The Books Group Autogenics I The Way Out Temporary Residence Ltd. 2010
4:46 am
Party of One Shock The System Caught The Blast Fat Cat 2003
4:51 am
College Humor Everything That Will Kill You A to Z
4:53 am
Black Mountain Don't Run Our Hearts Around S/T Jagjaguwar 2005
5:00 am
Ten to Zen Innerst Cologne Curiosities: The Unknown Kraut Rock Underground 1972-1976 Mental Experience 2016
5:10 am
Henry Cow Teenbeat Reprise S/T Virgin Records 1973
5:17 am
Holy Toy Lad Nada Warszawa Uniton Records 1982
5:22 am
Odd Clouds Liquid Moon Ritual Liquid Room Ritual EP Casanova Temptations Edutainment Consortium
5:37 am
Moltriffid Let's Dig Up Ed Gein's Corpse Plainsfield/Moltiffid Split
5:45 am
The Boo Radleys I Feel Nothing Everything's Alright Forever Columbia 2003
5:54 am
Kraftwerk The Robots Man Machine Kling Klang/Parlophone 1978
5:57 am
Merzbow Merzdrone Full of Hell Profound Lore 2015