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Playlist: Radio Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa / Booze Broads Boards & Rods

with rotating host Kevin on Monday, March 6, 2017

Show Notes:

Jim Fuller RIP. Surf's down.

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:03 pm
Surfaris “Wipe Out”
10:04 pm
Surfaris “Hot Rod High”
10:07 pm
Surfaris “Miserlou”
10:10 pm
Surfaris “I Wanna Take a Trip To The Islands”
10:13 pm
Ventures “Diamond Head”
10:13 pm
Stick Shift “The Trashmen”
10:15 pm
Challengers “K-39”
10:20 pm
The Frogmen “Underwater”
10:20 pm
Dick Dale “Banzai Washout”
10:22 pm
Surfaris “Moon Dawg”
10:22 pm
Surfaris “Dance Dance Dance”
10:29 pm
Surfaris “Burnin Rubber”
10:31 pm
The Astronauts “Baja”
10:34 pm
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen “Midnight Surfer”
10:35 pm
The Nevegans “One Armed Bandit”
10:38 pm
David Marks & Marksmen “Sheriff of Nottingham”
10:45 pm
Surfaris “Scratch”
10:47 pm
Surfaris “Surfer Joe”
10:49 pm
Surfaris “Earthquake”
10:51 pm
The Blazers “Bangalore”
10:52 pm
Jan Davis “The Fugitive”
10:55 pm
Sir Frog & the Toads “Mustang” It Came From The Beach Ace
10:57 pm
Surfaris “Jack the Ripper”
10:58 pm
Pastel Six “Twitchin'”
11:01 pm
New Dimensions “Bongo Shutdown”
11:07 pm
Surfaris “Similau”
11:07 pm
Surfaris “My Little Bike”
11:11 pm
surfaris “Scatter Shield”
11:11 pm
The Ramblers “Hanging One”
11:15 pm
Gene Moles “Burnin Rubber”
11:17 pm
The Hustlers “Wailin' Out”
11:19 pm
Jim Waller & Deltas “Latin'ia”
11:23 pm
Ram Charger “Del-vetts”
11:25 pm
Surfaris “Surfari's Stomp”
11:37 pm
Surfaris “Hiawatha”
11:38 pm
Chevells “Riptide”
11:41 pm
Surfaris “Surf Scene”
11:43 pm
Surfaris “Boss Barracuda”
11:44 pm
Surfaris “Dune Buggy”
11:47 pm
Surfaris “Yep”
11:48 pm
Surfaris “Hot Dog Graveyard”
11:53 pm
Surfaris “Beat 65”
11:59 pm
Surfaris “California Girls”