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Playlist: Right on Radio

with Rodney on Friday, January 8, 2016

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
10:14 am
shadows of the night from way out to way under 45 team
10:15 am
churchills pictures in my mind s/t axisis 2012
10:18 am
the beatles day tripper 45 Capitol 1967
10:19 am
the boston tea party fantasy s/t flic disk 1967
10:19 am
The Rationals (local) Ha-Ha S/T crews 1969
10:26 am
The sunshine company I cant help but wonder S/t imperial 1969
10:30 am
pepermint trolly company 9 o clock buisness man 45 Decca 1967
10:31 am
Mad river revolutions in my pockets> Academy cemetery paridise bar and grill capitol 1967
10:49 am
10:51 am
both sides of people lucky john>shes a dancer>piriate bill s/t Capitol 1967
11:08 am
The Spike Drivers (local) Break out the wine 45 Reprise 1967
11:10 am
troyka berry picking s/t Cotillion 1970
11:15 am
wallce collection baby i dont mind 45 emi 1969
11:20 am
troyka intro>natural s/t cotillion 1970
11:26 am
eire apparent morning glory sunrise budah records 1967
11:27 am
banchee train of life s/t alantic
11:30 am
the beacon street union my love is> beautiful delila The eyes of the beacon street union mgm 1968
11:33 am
elephants memory Super Heep s/t budah records
11:51 am
david bowie see emily play pin ups ryko (1990 reissue) 1973
11:53 am
balaklava tranlucent carridges pearls before swine ESP-DISK 1967
11:56 am
caravan in the land of grey and pink in the land of grey and pink london 1971
11:59 am
jermy & the satyrs in the world of glass tear drops s/t Reprise 1967