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Playlist: Right on Radio

with Rodney on Friday, April 7, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:02 am
the cover (local) iv come too far 45 sgc
9:07 am
the precisions (local) such missery 45 drew 1966
9:10 am
dewy terry do on my feet(what i did in the street) 45 tumbel weed 1972
9:16 am
jamie coe & the gigolos (local) but yesterday 45 enterprise
9:18 am
the buchnan brothers the feelin I get 45 event
9:20 am
saddelsore old tom clark 45 Drag City
9:24 am
prismatic (local) golden corona 45 prismagalactic 1979
9:28 am
the chicago loop this must be the place 45 dynovoice 1966
9:30 am
the upstarts cycle south get it together top ten
9:44 am
fifty foot hose and after,if not this time,opus 777,red sighn post cauldron limelight 1967
9:49 am
damin eih, a.l.k. and brother clark thunder mice never mind private 1974
9:55 am
Mystic Siva (local) supernautral mind s/t kismit 2009
10:00 am
dave welcome and the high point band with you your song private 1980
10:04 am
david santo side a silver currents phenoix 1967
10:25 am
eric and shelly (local) ?? ( recorded at 5th dimension in ann arbor 1967) are not maried erhisie 1968
10:43 am
indelible inc. thank you,lord of the dance for now : 1 concordia 1967
10:49 am
Medusa black wizzard darkscorch canticles Numero group
10:53 am
Gordon medusa sweet child darkscorch canticles Numero Group
10:59 am
mission mountain wood band take a wiff on me in without knocking private 1977