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Playlist: Doctor Awesome’s Cabinet of Wonders and Sex and Gender on the Radio

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:02 am
hazel english other lives just give in / never going home polyvinyl 2017
6:07 am
julia jacklin la dream don't let the kids win polyvinyl 2016
6:15 am
music go music thousand crazy nights expressions 2009
6:15 am
girlpool kiss and burn powerplant anti- 2017
6:17 am
chastity belt 5am I used to spend so much time alone hardly art 2017
6:29 am
marika hackman time's been reckless marika hackman sub pop 2017
6:30 am
feist pleasure pleasure interscope 2017
6:30 am
girls at our best pleasure pleasure vinyl japan 1984
6:39 am
hazel english fix just give in / never going home polyvinyl 2017
6:39 am
the organ it's time to go sinking hearts global symphonic 2002
6:48 am
suspirians black hole ti bon ange super secret 2017
6:49 am
king woman deny created in the image of suffering relapse 2017
6:52 am
jenny hval period piece bllod bitch sacred bones 2016
6:55 am
bestial mouths heartless heartless cleopatra 2016
7:00 am
duchess says antepoc in a fung day t
7:02 am
heart shaped hate decapitated in barbie's dream house bitch, plz cassette deck 2014
7:12 am
julia holter sea calls me home have you in my wilderness domino 2015
7:12 am
headlights dead ends wildlife 2009
7:14 am
gothic tropic how life works fast or feast old flame 2017
7:24 am
violents / monica martin how it left awake and pretty much sober partisan 2017
7:41 am
purity ring fineshrine shrines 4ad 2012
7:41 am
lovers peppermint star lit sunken ship 2002
7:42 am
? silpheed: super dogfighter soundtrack
7:42 am
beat happening in between jamboree 1988
7:44 am
the shaggs we have a savior the shaggs 1969
7:58 am
space lady synthesize me the space lady's greatest hits night school 2014
7:59 am
raveonettes this is where it ends 2016 atomized beat dies 2017
8:00 am
beth ditto in and out fake sugar virgin 2017
8:02 am
alex napping living room mise en place father/daughter 2017
8:09 am
nina miranda I am ... freedom of movement six degrees 2017
8:09 am
santigold rendezvous girl 99 cents Atlantic 2016
8:14 am
shilpa ray johnny thunder's fantasy camp is last year's savage nspy 2015
8:23 am
shana falana cloudbeats here comes the wave team love 2016
8:23 am
future death junkhammer special victim bloodmoss 2014
8:35 am
weave mouthpiece hysteria weave
8:35 am
the raincoats mouth of a story moving
8:42 am
the lights branches low bearded ladies 2007
8:44 am
alison hendrix none of these songs are about you none of these songs are about you self-released 2017
8:44 am
girlpool high rise powerplant anti- 2017