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Playlist: Doctor Awesome’s Cabinet of Wonders and Sex and Gender on the Radio

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:01 am
black tambourine drown black tambourine 2010
6:07 am
best coast fine without you california nights 2015
6:09 am
susan same old song never enough volar 2016
6:14 am
joanna gruesome last year peanut butter slumberland 2015
6:15 am
operation makeout haircut first base 2001
6:20 am
tacocat plan a, plan b lost time hardly art 2016
6:20 am
chastity belt different now I used to spend so much time alone hardly art 2017
6:34 am
innocence mission lake shore drive we walked in song
6:34 am
baird sisters tracks until you find your green ba da bing 2016
6:34 am
lillie mae forever and then some forever and then some third man 2017
6:37 am
jesca hoop simon says memories are now sub pop 2017
6:42 am
dqe devil's shoes I'm your girl
6:43 am
oracle hysterical & new vintage baroque ensemble crabbed age and youth passionate pilgrim vision into art 2017
7:04 am
mi and l'au if beauty is a crime if beauty is a crime
7:04 am
pyyramids perfect picture human beings ep paracadute records 2012
7:04 am
julia holter feel you have you in my wilderness 2015
7:05 am
girlpool fast dust powerplant anti- 2017
7:05 am
chastity belt it's obvious I used to spend so much time alone hardly art 2017
7:05 am
hazel english make it better just give in / never going home polyvinyl 2017
7:11 am
violents & monica martin spark awake and pretty much sober partisan 2017
7:11 am
gothic tropic cry like a man fast or feast old flame 2017
7:16 am
beth ditto we could run fake sugar virgin 2017
7:20 am
nightlife on the run radio ep self-released
7:24 am
lettercamp fool for long raccoon panda 2011
7:32 am
crying bloom get olde / second wind 2015
7:32 am
summer camp sleepwalking bad love Moshi Moshi 2015
7:33 am
frankie rose & the outs girlfriend island frankie rose & the outs
7:43 am
? c64 chiptune mix
7:43 am
liechtenstein all at once survival strategies in a modern world 2009
7:49 am
nina nastasia this familiar way outlaster
8:00 am
oracle hysterical & new vintage baroque ensemble when my love sweares passionate pilgrim vision into art 2017
8:01 am
hazel english it's not real just give in / never going home polyvinyl 2017
8:04 am
beth ditto fake sugar fake sugar virgin 2017
8:04 am
aye nako muck silver haze don giovanni 2017
8:07 am
brazillian girls st petersburg new york city verve 2008
8:12 am
diet cig barf day I swear I'm good at this french kiss 2017
8:16 am
raveonettes junko ozawa 2016 atomized Beat Dies Records 2017
8:18 am
jessica hernandez and the deltas bombay telephone instant records 2017
8:24 am
santigold chasing shadows 99 cents atlantic 2016
8:26 am
french vanilla carrie french vanilla danger collective 2017
8:34 am
scissor now (local) corporate deodorant shear immediacy! arbco 2014
8:40 am
summer cannibals say my name full of it kill rock stars 2016
8:43 am
summer camp drive past my house bad love moshi moshi 2015
8:45 am
lydia ainsworth the road darling of the afterglow factor 2017
8:48 am
austra beat and the pulse feel it break domino 2011
8:58 am
fotoform every instant fotoform self-released 2017
8:59 am
Chastity belt caught in a lie I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone Hardly Art 2017