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Playlist: Doctor Awesome’s Cabinet of Wonders and Sex and Gender on the Radio

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:07 am
king woman shame created in the image of suffering relapse 2017
6:12 am
bestial mouths heartless heartless Cleopatra 2016
6:21 am
gothic tropic stronger fast or feast old flame 2017
6:22 am
adult. as you dream (ft michael gira) detroit house guests mute 2017
6:22 am
fotoform the city breathes fotoform self-released 2017
6:28 am
oracle hysterical & new vintage baroque ensemble when as thine eye passionate pilgrim vision into art 2017
6:34 am
alex napping pilot episode mise en place Father/Daughter Records 2017
6:35 am
chastity belt stuck I used to spend so much time alone hardly art 2017
6:41 am
winter family archaic landscape south from here alt.vinyl 2017
6:43 am
blaire alise & the bombshells (local) throwin' away (the good you had) for my darlin' self-released 2014
6:44 am
beth ditto (local) oh my god fake sugar virgin 2017
6:53 am
palm shadow expert shadow expert ep carpark 2017
6:57 am
wall high ratings untitled wharf cat 2017
6:57 am
violet sands coming back (through the labyrinth) hotel Youtoocanwoo 2017
7:00 am
lillie mae honest and true forever and then some third man 2017
7:17 am
lac la belle brighter than light bring on the light
7:17 am
lydia ainsworth into the blue darling of the afterglow factor 2017
7:25 am
fka twigs video girl LP1 2014
7:25 am
purity ring heartsigh another eternity 4ad 2015
7:26 am
santigold go! (ft karen o) master of my make-believe atlantic 2012
7:26 am
pain teens cool your power destroy me, lover
7:26 am
hazel english love is dead just give in / never going home polyvinyl 2017
7:32 am
lydia ainsworth open doors darling of the afterglow factor 2017
7:46 am
? The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection - 11 hours of C64 Music
7:50 am
esg ufo a south bronx story 1981
7:50 am
beth ditto oo la la fake sugar virgin 2017
7:53 am
luxury flux (local) every mistake luxury flux Self Released 2017
7:56 am
palehound hunter's gun a place I'll always go polyvinyl 2017
8:05 am
josienne clarke light of day overnight rough trade 2017
8:06 am
shirley collins the lady & the swine sweet england fledgling 1959
8:06 am
vashti bunyan come wind come rain just another diamond day 1970
8:13 am
pleasure symbols underneath your skin pleasure symbols Avant! 2016
8:15 am
deux game and performance bippp - french synth wave
8:20 am
marie moor pretty day bippp - french synth wave
8:25 am
cate le bon I'm a dirty attic crab day 2016
8:26 am
white hills stop mute defeat stop mute defeat thrill jockey 2017
8:31 am
peach kelli pop princess castle 1987 peach kelli pop III 2015
8:37 am
? mega man OST
8:38 am
r. ring see ignite the rest sofaburn 2017
8:41 am
the submissives secret do you really love me? fixture records 2016
8:41 am
the submissives just tell me do you reall love me? fixture 2016
8:45 am
piney gir gold rules mr hyde's wild ride greyday records 2016
8:46 am
ghostlady calypsi henry
8:55 am
violet vector & the lovely lovelies grass is growing ep II 2009
8:59 am
the courtneys minnesota II flying nun 2017