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Playlist: Doctor Awesome’s Cabinet of Wonders and Sex and Gender on the Radio

with Michelle Ryan Hughes on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
6:02 am
lovers boxer darklight badman 2010
6:08 am
alvvays archie, marry me alvvays 2014
6:14 am
big thief black diamonds capacity saddle creek 2017
6:14 am
hazel english I'm fine just give in / never going home polyvinyl 2017
6:21 am
computer magic fuzz davos 2015
6:21 am
chastity belt something else i used to spend so much time alone hardly art 2017
6:29 am
tacocat you can't fire me, I quit lost time hardly art 2016
6:29 am
tuscadero hollywood handsome the pink album 1996
6:34 am
lovers barnacle darklight badman 2010
6:36 am
raveonettes this world is empty (without you) 2016 atomized beat dies 2017
6:43 am
kate pierson time wave zero guitars and microphones 2015
6:43 am
noga erez toy off the radar city slang 2017
6:48 am
beach house norway b-sides and rarities self-released 2017
6:49 am
valerie june astral plane the order of time concord 2017
6:52 am
stef chura faded heart messes urinal cake 2017
6:58 am
blaire alise & the bombshells don't come around no more for my darlin' self-released 2017
7:03 am
girlpool your heart powerplant anti- 2017
7:05 am
dream machine eye for an eye the illusion castle face 2017
7:06 am
noga erez off the radar off the radar city slang 2017
7:09 am
purity ring shuck shrines 4ad 2012
7:15 am
prince rama bahia xtreme now carpark 2016
7:16 am
rainbow arabia three moons fm sushi
7:20 am
nite jewel when i decide (it's alright) real high gloriette 2017
7:27 am
pre scenes from a 1963 los angeles love-in epic fits
7:27 am
heliocentrics the wake a world of masks soundway 2017
7:47 am
petra haden superman theme, carlotta's gallop (8 1/2), fistful of dollars theme petra goes to the movies anti- 2013
7:47 am
takako minekawa cloud chips cloudy cloud calculator Emperor Norton 1998
7:48 am
takako minekawa micro mini cool cloudy cloud calculator emperor norton 1998
7:48 am
kim free malibu steep la's free 2017
7:49 am
katie von schleicher paranoia shitty hits ba da bing 2017
7:54 am
hammydown people you may know pizzaface ep self-released 2017
7:54 am
joanna gruesome last year peanut butter slumberland 2015
8:04 am
oh wonder ultralife ultralife island 2017
8:05 am
the uncluded tv on 10 kokey fright
8:06 am
history of apple pie the warrior out of view 2013
8:18 am
chairlift don't give a damn does you inspire you 2008
8:19 am
all girl summer fun band lipsmacker kiss summer of '98
8:22 am
the submissives my boyfriend do you really love me? fixture records 2016
8:26 am
fuzzy now I know fuzzy
8:27 am
amanda's dirty secret ravenous pony rides and parties
8:31 am
bad cop bad cop womanarchist warriors fat wreck chors 2017
8:35 am
electrelane you make me weak at the knees the power out 2004
8:36 am
tricot wabi-sabi 3 Topshelf 2017
8:39 am
frankie rose trouble cage tropical slumberland / grey market 2017
8:44 am
pearl earl captain howdy pearl earl dreamy life 2017
8:46 am
ladytron white elephant gravity the seducer nettwerk 2011
8:55 am
austra fire olympia domino 2013
8:58 am
life on venus shine encounters shelflife 2017