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Playlist: Right on Radio

with Rodney on Friday, May 26, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:04 am
The Ghosters (local) a taste of honey 45 ghost records 1969
9:08 am
Flowers,Fruits & pretty things (local) wanting you 45 gep 1968
9:10 am
Due east (local) Knoxville high 45 ozone 1971
9:13 am
The Ghosters (local) Traveling Light 45 ghost records 1969
9:16 am
Dick Rabbit (local) take me to LA 45 deltron 1969
9:19 am
Whittey theador (local) caravan 45 united
9:23 am
johnathon B (local) wispering love pretty words custom 1982
9:28 am
Miller & Riley Goin round,If i had a nickel,conclusion s/t MR
9:38 am
Garry dunbar (local) another lonesome highway song lonely song north country song 1977
9:41 am
joe ferrara 5 o'clock live at home private 1976
9:45 am
whie cloud all cried out s/t good medicine 1972
9:46 am
barry goldberg hollywood misty flats MY 1974
9:49 am
mckendree spring no regrets s/t decca 1969
9:53 am
the incredible string band the hedgehog song the 5000 spirits or the layors of the onion electra 1967
9:57 am
Dust & Ashes doin nothing for hours from both sides custom fidelty 1970
10:08 am
Poor Richard (local) side a place of sun kazoo records 1978
10:22 am
widsith rainfoots carnival maker of song alithia 1972
10:27 am
springwater victory song s/t private
10:44 am
the nature group travel walden alithia 1971
10:45 am
bob alster L.A freeway tendin my fire peane records 1983
10:52 am
Big Lost Rainbow lady of music s/t private 1973