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Playlist: Right on Radio

with Rodney on Friday, June 16, 2017

Time Artist Song Title Album Label Year
9:03 am
Jimmy Carter and the Dallas County Green Summer Brings the Sunshine, Anyway Summer Brings the Sunshine Numero Project 12 2016
9:07 am
Jeff cowell (local) momma Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold Private 1975
9:10 am
salt creek (local) Night with a silver-tonged devil just about due mc 1977
9:14 am
Lee Hazelwood poet,fool or bum poet,fool or bum capital 1973
9:17 am
Jeff cowell (local) Not down This Low Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold Private 1975
9:20 am
spruce build me a house s/t private
9:24 am
cowboy All my freinds 5'll getcha ten capricorn 1971
9:28 am
Bill wilson Dragonfly talking to stars Bar-B-Q records 1976
9:39 am
Arther gee Dimensions,plain talk s/t tumbleweed 1971
9:48 am
Andy Zwerling Spiders in the Night Spiders in the Night Karma Sutra 1971
9:53 am
Emmet Finley Paulas song s/t poison ring records 1971
9:57 am
stone harbor youll be a star emerges Void 1974
10:07 am
Dan Whitley side a in search of justus continental record co inc. 1969
10:27 am
The epics Higher and Higher s/t bridges 1980
10:32 am
tracey lynne (local) my love keeps growin for you 45 webb hollow
10:42 am
jef fisk (local) How well,no more sad songs,travelin pancakes its all root beer bird 1974
10:50 am
Nicodemus (local) Greenland Rider,flowers in the cracks Spacechild Squall Zedikiah 1977
10:57 am
medico doktor vibes dig this calypso litter thru dorker vibes companion 2012